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How Gingerbread has survived for 100 years as a charity | Rosie Ferguson
Staying focused, being open to collaboration and learning to say no to money have helped our single-parent charity stay relevant

Rosie Ferguson

06, Apr, 2018 @6:53 AM

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The small charity I worked for used tight budgets as an excuse to neglect staff
Charities need better leaders with the skills to keep their employees motivated and happy – whatever the financial constraints


29, Mar, 2018 @6:53 AM

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Charities change the world. Why isn't that getting through? | Karl Wilding
All charities need to stop using jargon and explain how they work – including the need to invest in staff and digital tools

Karl Wilding

22, Mar, 2018 @11:56 AM

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After losing my daughter, I walked 6,000 miles for charity
I’m aiming to raise £1m for the team that took care of Elizabeth – and have helped comfort others along the way

Natalia Spencer

20, Mar, 2018 @10:55 AM

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The Oxfam scandal has taught us there is no reward for honest charities | Angela Crack
NGOs are encouraged to skim over inconvenient facts and provide an immaculate account of success to win funding

Angela Crack

16, Mar, 2018 @7:07 AM

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One million children could go hungry under new plans for free school meals | Sam Royston
Government proposals to limit access to free school meals will hurt struggling families, including working households

Sam Royston

13, Mar, 2018 @10:12 AM

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My mental illness has always affected my work, but at last I feel supported
Employers need to create a culture of understanding to make best use of diverse talent, not vilify people for their differences

Fran Holland

09, Mar, 2018 @10:27 AM

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'There was a lot needing to be done': one woman's career leading charities
Geraldine Peacock, first chair of the Charity Commission, reflects on the changes needed in the sector – and a bruising encounter with Tony Blair

Emma Sheppard

08, Mar, 2018 @7:17 AM

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I volunteer to help vulnerable people the jobcentre lets down | Charlotte Hughes
A broken universal credit system means local volunteers hand out food parcels and give advice to those with nowhere to turn

Charlotte Hughes

06, Mar, 2018 @7:10 AM

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Don't expect much from the new consultation on civil society | David Brindle
The government wants bold ideas from the voluntary and private sectors. But there’ll be no new cash to support them

David Brindle

01, Mar, 2018 @10:37 AM

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Loneliness is finally being recognised as a risk to health. But this is just the start | Laura Alcock-Ferguson
Everything from transport to leisure can be used to tackle loneliness but we need action from minister Tracey Crouch now

Laura Alcock-Ferguson

27, Feb, 2018 @7:23 AM

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Money troubles almost broke the charity I founded
Council cuts and running services at a loss quickly tipped my organisation from an annual income of £2.5m into the red

Jo Barnes

23, Feb, 2018 @9:59 AM

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