US elections 2012

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Florida voters on Trump: 'An acquittal was correct … I just wish he would shut up'
Swing-state voters canvassed by the Guardian split along party lines – but opinions were more mixed on what the future holds

Richard Luscombe in Coral Springs

06, Feb, 2020 @7:48 PM

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Trump impeachment: Schiff says Trump tried to 'cheat' way to re-election – as it happened
House impeachment managers have 24 hours, spread over three days, to make their case before focus shifts to Trump’s legal team

Maanvi Singh in San Francisco (now) and Joan E Greve in Washington (earlier)

23, Jan, 2020 @3:40 AM

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Julián Castro: progressive champion's exit thins Democratic field's diversity
The 45-year-old hoped to become America’s first Latino president but he struggled to build momentum and raise funds

Lauren Gambino in Washington

03, Jan, 2020 @7:00 AM

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More US voters than ever care about climate – but will they go to the polls?
New poll shows climate and environment the top priority for 14% of voters, raising prospect of large turnout for green issues

Emily Holden in Washington

26, Dec, 2019 @7:00 AM

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US voters largely uninfluenced by meet-and-greet campaign stops, study finds
Analysis of 2012 elections finds Americans largely don’t know or care about the small-scale visits politicians make at diners, delis and restaurants across US

Alan Yuhas

19, Aug, 2016 @2:04 PM

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Mitt Romney warns Donald Trump will cause 'trickle-down racism' in the US
Republicans’ 2012 presidential nominee fights tears as he says his presumptive successor’s effect on the party ‘is breaking my heart’

Alan Yuhas

11, Jun, 2016 @9:18 PM

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Ron Paul's top 2012 campaign staff members indicted on felony charges
Indictments are the culmination of a long investigation into Paul campaign’s alleged hidden payments to an Iowa state senator to endorse him for president

Ben Jacobs in Washington

05, Aug, 2015 @7:22 PM

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Voting machine password hacks as easy as 'abcde', details Virginia state report
AVS WinVote machines used in three presidential elections in state ‘would get an F-minus’ in security, said computer scientist who pushed for decertification

Sam Thielman in New York

15, Apr, 2015 @6:05 PM

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Richard Trumka, AFL-CIO's combative president: 'We still punch far above our weight'
The leader of America’s biggest union federation tells Steven Greenhouse why he’s no fan of the Trans-Pacific Partnership, and criticises Scott Walker for ‘equating American workers with terrorists’

Steven Greenhouse in Washington

14, Apr, 2015 @11:00 AM

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Americans won't throw the bums out in 2014 | Harry J Enten

Harry J Enten: Congress has an epically low approval rating, but history and polling suggest there likely won't be an 'anti-incumbent wave'

Harry J Enten

03, Nov, 2013 @12:00 PM

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Is the Republican party's effort to win black voters just skin-deep? | Crystal Wright

Crystal Wright: After Romney's loss in 2012, the RNC made great play of wooing minorities. Erika Harold exposes how thin that commitment is

Crystal Wright

18, Oct, 2013 @2:30 PM

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Gallup's 2012 election polling errors were only part of the problem | Henry Enten

Harry J Enten: Gallup was caught out badly, but other national pollsters were off, too. It's time to look at different methods and new technologies

Harry J Enten

06, Jun, 2013 @6:26 PM

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