The NSA files

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Edward Snowden has taken $1.2m in speaking fees in exile, US filing says
US government, which is trying to strip whistleblower of profits earned since NSA disclosures, says speaking fees cover 67 engagements

Tom McCarthy and Martin Pengelly

17, Aug, 2020 @12:55 PM

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Speculation grows over pardon for Edward Snowden after Trump remarks
Trump says ‘A lot of people think he is not being treated fairly’ as Republican congressman calls for president to pardon exiled NSA whistleblower

Joanna Walters in New York

14, Aug, 2020 @4:06 PM

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'They wanted me gone': Edward Snowden tells of whistleblowing, his AI fears and six years in Russia
The man whose state surveillance revelations rocked the world speaks exclusively to the Guardian about his new life and concerns for the future

Ewen MacAskill and Laurence Topham in Moscow

13, Sep, 2019 @3:41 PM

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UK refusal to cooperate with Belgian hacking inquiry condemned
Fears stance on GCHQ’s alleged hacking of Belgacom could damage diplomatic relations

Daniel Boffey in Brussels

25, Oct, 2018 @10:39 AM

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'Nasty, nasty man': Guardian reporter on being insulted by Trump and breaking the Snowden story
Ewen MacAskill, who has retired after 22 years at the Guardian, recalls encounters with MPs, spies and presidents

Ewen MacAskill, as told to Sophie Zeldin-O'Neill

22, Sep, 2018 @8:00 AM

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The surreal moment the Guardian destroyed the Snowden files
GCHQ insisted on purely symbolic act despite knowing the information was already elsewhere

Paul Johnson Deputy editor

04, Jun, 2018 @5:00 PM

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Edward Snowden: 'The people are still powerless, but now they're aware'
Five years after historic NSA leaks, whistleblower tells the Guardian he has no regrets

Ewen MacAskill and Alex Hern

04, Jun, 2018 @5:00 PM

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Privacy experts fear Donald Trump running global surveillance network
Concerns raised that current US and UK surveillance system is ‘ripe for further abuse under an autocratic, power-obsessed president’

Spencer Ackerman in New York and Ewen MacAskill in London

11, Nov, 2016 @5:34 PM

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'Edward Snowden did this country a great service. Let him come home'
Bernie Sanders, Daniel Ellsberg, former members of the NSA and more weigh in on whether Obama should grant clemency to the divisive whistleblower

Ed Pilkington

14, Sep, 2016 @1:33 PM

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Edward Snowden makes 'moral' case for presidential pardon
Exclusive: Whistleblower says citizens have benefited from his disclosure in 2013 of US and UK government surveillance

Ewen MacAskill Defence and intelligence correspondent

13, Sep, 2016 @11:28 AM

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Snowden lawyer vows to make new push for pardon from Obama
Ben Wizner says NSA whistleblower’s case one ‘for which pardon power exists’, while New York magazine details use of ‘Snowbot’ to reach US audiences

Edward Helmore

27, Jun, 2016 @1:00 AM

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Eric Holder says Edward Snowden performed 'public service' with NSA leak
Former attorney general gives whistleblower credit for starting debate over surveillance – but says Snowden should still be punished

Amanda Holpuch in New York

30, May, 2016 @3:56 PM

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