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'A reason to stand up': Wisconsin activists fight threat to African American vote
Voting rights advocates are mobilizing after Scott Walker signed a lame-duck bill limiting early voting

Eric Lutz in Milwaukee

17, Dec, 2018 @11:00 AM

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Scott Walker signs bills to limit powers of incoming Wisconsin Democrats
Outgoing governor stripped power from the incoming governor and attorney general as well as limiting early voting

Ben Jacobs and agencies

14, Dec, 2018 @7:05 PM

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Republicans are staging mini-coups across the US | Lawrence Douglas
An 11th-hour tactic in Wisconsin is an attack on progressive causes and the integrity of the electoral process

Lawrence Douglas

06, Dec, 2018 @5:01 PM

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Scott Walker: can the Wisconsin governor survive in the age of Trump?
Tony Evers leads, boosting Democratic hopes. But the governor who survived two elections and a recall thrives in adversity

Ben Jacobs in Elkhorn, Wisconsin

09, Sep, 2018 @1:30 PM

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'You're boring': Scott Walker's sandwich tweets draw disdain of internet
The governor of Wisconsin brings a brown bag lunch of two ham and cheese sandwiches to work most days – and often posts about it on social media, too

Ciara McCarthy

03, Nov, 2016 @9:47 PM

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Supreme court declines to reopen Wisconsin 'dark money' election case
Prosecutors were appealing against court-ordered shutdown of investigation into Governor Scott Walker’s alleged illegal collusion with lobby groups

Ed Pilkington and agencies

03, Oct, 2016 @3:48 PM

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Wisconsin lawmakers urge investigation of Scott Walker after 'John Doe' papers
Legislators, who represent more than half of state assembly Democrats, call for district attorney to initiate investigation into alleged criminal misconduct

Ed Pilkington

29, Sep, 2016 @7:37 PM

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Scott Walker responds to John Doe files leak: nothing to see here
Wisconsin governor says investigation was ‘baseless’ after leaked files showing influence of corporate cash in politics were published by Guardian US

Ryan Felton in Detroit

15, Sep, 2016 @7:10 PM

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Money, power and secrets: what the John Doe files lay bare | Lucia Graves
Documents leaked to the Guardian expose a web of cash and influence around Scott Walker that represents America’s shameful new politics in microcosm

Lucia Graves

14, Sep, 2016 @4:00 PM

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Leaked documents reveal secretive influence of corporate cash on politics
Sealed Wisconsin court documents from Scott Walker investigation expose extent of corporate influence on democratic process rarely seen by the public

Ed Pilkington in Madison, Wisconsin

14, Sep, 2016 @11:46 AM

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Scott Walker, the John Doe files and how corporate cash influences American politics
Leaked court documents from ‘John Doe investigation’ in Wisconsin lay bare pervasive influence of corporate cash on modern US elections

Ed Pilkington and Aliza Aufrichtig, Kenan Davis, Jan Diehm, Rich Harris , Nadja Popovich on the Guardian US interactive team

14, Sep, 2016 @11:21 AM

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RNC 2016, day three: Cruz takes last stand against Trump – as it happened
Follow all the latest from Cleveland as the Republican national convention takes the theme of ‘Make America First Again’

Tom McCarthy (now) and Scott Bixby (earlier) in Cleveland

21, Jul, 2016 @4:05 AM

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