Sarah Palin

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Sarah Palin dined at New York City restaurant days before testing positive
Elio’s restaurant manager says unvaccinated former governor dined there despite New York law due to ‘unfortunate oversight’

Martin Pengelly in New York

25, Jan, 2022 @12:38 PM

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Sarah Palin tests positive for Covid, delaying New York Times defamation trial
Lawsuit claims 2017 editorial falsely linked her to a mass shooting in Tucson, Arizona, in which Gabby Giffords was severely injured

Martin Pengelly and agencies

24, Jan, 2022 @5:11 PM

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Top 10 books about US presidents | Claude A Clegg III
From the anguish of Lincoln to the showbiz of Reagan and Obama’s introspection, these books show the power and helplessness of America’s commanders-in-chief

Claude A Clegg III

19, Jan, 2022 @12:00 PM

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Sarah Palin says she’ll get Covid vaccine ‘over my dead body’
Former vice-presidential candidate also falsely claimed that those who would refuse a vaccine outnumbered those taking them

Richard Luscombe

21, Dec, 2021 @1:57 PM

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Sarah Palin hints at Alaska Senate run against Republican Lisa Murkowski
Former Alaska governor says, ‘If God wants me to do it I will’

Martin Pengelly

01, Aug, 2021 @12:52 PM

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Trump’s enablers want us to forget what they did. We can’t let that happen | Arwa Mahdawi
If we want to avoid repeating history, we must hold Republicans such as John Boehner, George W Bush and Cindy McCain to account, writes Arwa Mahdawi

Arwa Mahdawi

13, Apr, 2021 @1:19 PM

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Jimmy Kimmel on Sarah Palin and 'people who only believe in science when it happens to them'
The late-night host roasts the former Alaska governor’s change of tune on masks, and celebrates baseball’s opening day

Adrian Horton

02, Apr, 2021 @2:32 PM

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Sarah Palin stuns TV viewers by rapping Baby Got Back dressed as a bear
Former Alaska governor and conservative firebrand appeared in disguise on The Masked Singer wearing pink and purple bear costume

Guardian staff

12, Mar, 2020 @1:15 PM

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Gemma Collins the ice maiden cometh with added chutzpah | Rebecca Nicholson
Having starred in many a reality TV show, she’s now honing her spins and axels

Rebecca Nicholson

22, Dec, 2018 @3:15 PM

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The writing was on the wall when John McCain unleashed Sarah Palin
McCain’s running mate was the non-expert who represented ordinary people, who preached a kind of anti-intellectualism and ultimately a far-right anti-politics – it was all there in 2008

Suzanne Moore

27, Aug, 2018 @6:03 PM

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John McCain opened Pandora’s box – Sarah Palin came out, but Trump was right behind her
The senator regretted his choice of running mate. In 2008, no one could have imagined what it would mean

David Smith in Washington

26, Aug, 2018 @3:39 PM

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'American original': John McCain praised by political friends and foes
Barack Obama and Sarah Palin salute senator’s service and friendships – while Donald Trump tweets condolences to family

Lauren Gambino in Washington

26, Aug, 2018 @2:43 AM

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