San Bernardino shooting

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Stories of loss, love and hope: six firsthand accounts from some of America's worst mass shootings
For survivors and family members of victims from Columbine, Newtown, Orlando and elsewhere, each new massacre is a reminder of inaction on gun control

Lois Beckett and Jamiles Lartey

14, Nov, 2017 @5:09 PM

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Don't make gun control yet another way to persecute Muslims | Wardah Khalid
Democrats in Congress have been pushing for new rules after Orlando, but we can’t lose sight of the fact that some proposals would punish innocent Americans

Wardah Khalid

24, Jun, 2016 @3:25 PM

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1,000 mass shootings in 1,260 days: this is what America's gun crisis looks like
Data compiled by the Gun Violence Archive reveals a shocking human toll

Guardian US interactive team

14, Jun, 2016 @11:59 AM

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We must not let the Orlando nightclub terror further strangle our civil liberties | Chelsea E Manning
As we mourn the shooting victims, it’s imperative that we remember the response can be more dangerous than the attack

Chelsea E Manning

13, Jun, 2016 @4:06 PM

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Apple’s FBI row was an opportunity missed | John Naughton
Technology firms have given us military-grade encryption, but can we demand it as a right?

John Naughton

08, May, 2016 @8:00 AM

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FBI bought $1m iPhone 5C hack, but doesn't know how it works
US law enforcement agency in possession of mechanism for unlocking iPhone 5Cs or older – but identity of hackers closely guarded secret

Samuel Gibbs and agencies

29, Apr, 2016 @8:46 AM

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San Bernardino gunman's relatives arrested on marriage fraud charges
The Farooks witnessed ‘sham marriage’ and helped the couple establish a paper trail for their union in order to ‘obtain immigration benefits’, an indictment says

Julia Carrie Wong in San Francisco

28, Apr, 2016 @6:55 PM

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FBI paid professional hackers to gain access to San Bernardino iPhone – report
Hackers reportedly supply zero-day exploit to allow US law enforcement entry to device, which may put older iPhones at risk of cyber criminals

Samuel Gibbs

13, Apr, 2016 @10:35 AM

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Apple and Justice Department start new feud over locked iPhone in New York
The US government is pushing a federal court in New York to force Apple to unlock a drug dealer’s device even after the man pleaded guilty

Danny Yadron in San Francisco and Spencer Ackerman in New York

08, Apr, 2016 @6:17 PM

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San Bernardino iPhone hack won’t work on newer models, says FBI
Director James Comey says US government in discussions over whether to reveal details of purchased hack that only works on 5C and older devices

Samuel Gibbs

07, Apr, 2016 @3:00 PM

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Apple declares victory in battle with FBI, but the war continues
After US government extracts data from San Bernardino iPhone, company says it is committed to increasing products’ security

Alex Hern

29, Mar, 2016 @8:42 AM

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San Bernardino iPhone: US ends Apple case after accessing data without assistance
With the court filing, Silicon Valley and Washington are poised to return to a cold war over the balance between privacy and law enforcement in the age of apps

Danny Yadron in San Francisco

29, Mar, 2016 @6:24 AM

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