Republican national convention 2016

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The Trump campaign's terrible week: polls and experts indicate bleak future
Donald Trump alienated many Republicans by feuding with family of a war hero and an initial refusal to endorse Paul Ryan – and missed a chance to criticize Clinton

Ben Jacobs in Washington

05, Aug, 2016 @5:03 PM

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Donald Trump’s treatment of a crying baby reveals his total lack of empathy | Jonathan Freedland
The Republican nominee’s castigation of a mother and her child at a rally could cause real damage. His support among women is low – and falling fast

Jonathan Freedland

03, Aug, 2016 @10:44 AM

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Clinton v Trump: convention speeches conjure two vastly different Americas
A side-by-side examination of key points from the presidential candidates’ speeches reveals the stark divide in the kind of campaign the two will pursue

Sabrina Siddiqui in Philadelphia

31, Jul, 2016 @11:00 AM

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Justin Bieber 'turned down $5m' to play at Republican national convention
GOP donors were to bankroll the pop star’s fee but according to reports he spurned the offer on the advice of his manager, who supports Hillary Clinton

Nigel M Smith

29, Jul, 2016 @7:12 PM

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Donald Trump speaks to the gut – and progressives need to do the same | Jonathan Freedland
To win this election Hillary Clinton should learn the lesson of Brexit. You can’t disdain the politics of emotion - you have to master it

Jonathan Freedland

29, Jul, 2016 @6:27 PM

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Trump doesn’t have to be Putin’s agent. It’s bad enough that he is a fan | Jonathan Freedland
Whatever the conspiracy theories, praise, policy concessions and business links all suggest a President Trump would model himself on Russia’s strongman

Jonathan Freedland

27, Jul, 2016 @11:25 AM

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Michelle Obama's epic speech showed up how bad the alternative is | Jessica Valenti
The conventions have thrown the gender politics of the two parties into stark relief: Republicans revel in misogyny, while Democrats celebrate female leaders

Jessica Valenti

26, Jul, 2016 @6:05 PM

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'Don't use our songs': musicians join John Oliver for anti-politician singalong
Last Week Tonight host rails against political candidates’ unauthorized use of artists’ work – and ridicules Republican convention that put ‘feelings over facts’

Nicole Puglise

25, Jul, 2016 @5:02 PM

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2016 Republican national convention: a look back – in pictures
Calls for Hillary Clinton to be ‘locked up’ were a rallying cry at an event that saw plagiarism claims, Ted Cruz booed and a grim finale from Donald Trump

Madhvi Pankhania

24, Jul, 2016 @1:59 PM

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I walked 170 miles to the RNC to talk to Trump supporters. They surprised me
I walked from Detroit to the Cleveland convention to talk to my fellow midwesterners. The verdict: people simply don’t care about Melania’s plagiarism when they’re worried about paying the mortgage

Drew Philp walking from Detroit to Cleveland

24, Jul, 2016 @10:00 AM

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Trump’s vision of America is ugly and dark. Clinton should respond with hope | Michael Cohen
Extremism has festered for years in the Republican party. Its presidential nominee has made it mainstream

Michael Cohen

24, Jul, 2016 @4:00 AM

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How Ivanka Trump used the Republican convention as a fashion show
After donning several items from her own line in Cleveland, Trump offered online followers a chance to purchase lookalike pieces

Nicole Puglise

23, Jul, 2016 @2:46 PM

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