Mike Bloomberg

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Florida’s attorney general requests inquiry into Mike Bloomberg’s voting effort
The investigation request came a day after Bloomberg announced he had raised $16m to allow people with felony convictions to vote

Sam Levine in New York

24, Sep, 2020 @5:14 PM

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Mike Bloomberg will spend $100m to help Biden beat Trump in Florida
Billionaire’s cash infusion aimed at boosting early voting, as adviser tells Post money will free Democrats to spend elsewhere

Martin Pengelly in New York

13, Sep, 2020 @2:35 PM

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Democrats spurn AOC and uplift Bill Clinton at the party's own risk | Ross Barkan
Democratic party elites hope to marginalize the leftists who seek radical and necessary change

Ross Barkan

19, Aug, 2020 @12:38 PM

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Michael Bloomberg expands influence network within Democratic party
The former New York mayor spent almost $1bn on his campaign but is expanding his web of influence within the Democratic party

Daniel Strauss

02, May, 2020 @8:00 AM

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The Democratic primary was a wild, unpredictable ride – except the result
The coronavirus pandemic effectively ended the race but a historically diverse field had faced off before narrowing to two white men in their 70s

Lauren Gambino

12, Apr, 2020 @9:30 AM

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Why Joe Biden won the week in US politics – and everyone else lost
The former vice-president cemented his comeback while Flavor Flav was fired over a dispute that may or may not have been about Bernie Sanders

Paul Owen

06, Mar, 2020 @2:35 PM

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Sanders and Warren allies reportedly in talks to push a progressive agenda – as it happened
Unclear what Trump is referring to in remarks on former president and testing – follow all the latest live

Maanvi Singh in San Francisco (now), Joan E Greve in Washington, Adam Gabbatt and Paul Owen (earlier)

05, Mar, 2020 @1:11 AM

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What Bloomberg's $500m could have bought instead
The former New York mayor could have paid off student loans for 150,000 people or bought houses for 2,200 homeless people

Luke O'Neil

04, Mar, 2020 @7:21 PM

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Mike Bloomberg quits 2020 race after spending more than $500m
Billionaire candidate faced controversy over his wealth, stop-and-frisk policy and past remarks against women and minorities

Enjoli Liston and Joanna Walters in New York

04, Mar, 2020 @3:14 PM

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Mike Bloomberg's campaign in doubt as $500m Super Tuesday gamble fails
Billionaire only saw victory in American Samoa after skipping first four contests to focus on Tuesday’s states and territories

Richard Luscombe in West Palm Beach, Florida

04, Mar, 2020 @1:18 PM

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Super Tuesday: Biden sweeps southern states as Sanders wins California
Former vice-president wins nine contests as senator takes crucial state with 415 delegates up for grabs

Lauren Gambino in Los Angeles, Oliver Laughland in Texas and Joan E Greve in Washington

04, Mar, 2020 @7:56 AM

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What to make of the Super Tuesday results? Our panelists' verdict
The biggest day on the Democratic primary calendar saw a big boost for Joe Biden. What does this mean for the race?

Lloyd Green, Art Cullen, Malaika Jabali, Cliff Albright and Benjamin Dixon

04, Mar, 2020 @6:51 AM

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