Christine Blasey Ford

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Anita Hill on sexual harassment and survival: ‘You have to think: what is my life for?’
Before Christine Blasey Ford and Monica Lewinsky, there was Anita Hill, shamed for exposing the actions of a powerful man. She explains how she withstood the tumult

Nesrine Malik

28, Sep, 2021 @11:00 AM

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Fiona Apple on the album of the year, Grammys hypocrisy and how #MeToo helped her get sober
Over two interviews and more text messages, our artist of the year unpacks her album Fetch the Bolt Cutters – and explains how she finally found compassion for herself after trauma and bullying

Laura Snapes

18, Dec, 2020 @6:00 AM

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Christine Blasey Ford makes rare public remarks, a year after Kavanaugh ordeal
Professor who accused Brett Kavanaugh of sexual assault says ‘I did not feel courageous. I was simply doing my duty as a citizen’

Martin Pengelly in New York

18, Nov, 2019 @2:25 PM

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Christine Blasey Ford to give donations to charity for trauma survivors
Psychologist who testified against Brett Kavanaugh announced her plan after using GoFundMe donations to cover security costs

Victoria Bekiempis

27, Nov, 2018 @10:58 PM

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After the Google walkout, is #Me Too about to get more militant? | Moira Donegan
Women’s stories of abuse have hardly made a mark on institutions like the tech giant. If talking alone doesn’t work, action will do, writes Guardian US columnist Moira Donegan

Moira Donegan

02, Nov, 2018 @1:06 PM

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As Sylvia Plath knew, if you’re going to be a victim, you’d better be a good one | Emma Brockes
A woman must now be able to appear not just credible but attractive enough to invite empathy, says Guardian columnist Emma Brockes

Emma Brockes

01, Nov, 2018 @4:48 PM

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Donald Trump's 60 Minutes interview: eight takeaways
The US president spoke at length, usually before interviewer Lesley Stahl had finished her question

Kate Lyons

15, Oct, 2018 @4:19 AM

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Anita Hill: Kavanaugh confirmation hearing 'disservice to the American public'
Professor said Senate committee response to Christine Blasey Ford mirrored her experience testifying against Clarence Thomas

Amanda Holpuch in Philadelphia

11, Oct, 2018 @1:27 AM

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‘Vile hatred, hero worship': Christine Blasey Ford faces an unsettling future
Ford has faced aggression and ridicule, as well as support and admiration, and the glare of unwanted notoriety is unlikely to fade anytime soon

Janell Ross

10, Oct, 2018 @5:00 AM

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Women aren't a monolith – and the white women supporting Kavanaugh prove it
White women are as likely to believe Kavanaugh as they are Christine Blasey Ford, polls have found, continuing a long pattern of voting Republican

Lucia Graves

06, Oct, 2018 @9:00 AM

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Deep divide: Kavanaugh confirmation fight exposes America's bitter fault lines
The only thing everyone agrees on is that the division runs deep – and no one is quite sure where it is heading

David Smith in Washington

05, Oct, 2018 @9:32 PM

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How rightwing conspiracy theorists attacked Christine Blasey Ford's testimony
For many on the fringe, lies about Ford are more palatable than the idea that she is telling the truth about Brett Kavanaugh

Jason Wilson

05, Oct, 2018 @2:06 PM

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