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US cities are suffocating in the heat. Now they want retribution
Baltimore is suing major oil and gas companies for spurring the climate crisis and the rising temperatures that have an outsized impact on low-income, urban areas

Sushma Subramanian

01, Jul, 2021 @10:00 AM

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Flock of Dimes' Jenn Wasner: 'I became incredibly adept at outrunning myself'
The US indie star who has played with Bon Iver, Sharon Van Etten and more is confronting emotional blindspots on her stirringly brilliant new album

Laura Snapes

06, Apr, 2021 @1:21 PM

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Green health: a tree-filled street can positively influence depression, study finds
More trees near the home was associated with a reduced risk in antidepressant use, information that can help urban planners

Ashley Stimpson

12, Mar, 2021 @11:00 AM

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Boxing star Gervonta Davis named as driver in hit-and-run that injured three
Baltimore police said Gervonta Davis, one of boxing’s biggest stars, was the driver in a November hit-and-run crash that left three hospitalized

Bryan Armen Graham

20, Feb, 2021 @12:00 AM

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Huge Baltimore gas explosion leaves at least one person dead
Fire crews work to rescue people trapped in debris, as pictures show several houses flattened by blast

Guardian staff and agencies

10, Aug, 2020 @5:22 PM

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Think federal cops in Portland are scary? Cops use 'jump-out boys' all the time | Baynard Woods and Brandon Soderberg
Plainclothes police ‘jump-out boys’ terrorize American cities. Sometimes they become all-out criminal gangs

Brandon Soderberg and Baynard Woods

29, Jul, 2020 @10:16 AM

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'A bigger tent message': Larry Hogan on Trump and his own White House ambitions
The Maryland governor thinks moderates will soon have a chance to redirect a Republican party that has lurched hard to the right

Daniel Strauss in Washington

28, Jul, 2020 @6:00 AM

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Baltimore Sun looks to non-profit status to stay afloat amid coronavirus threat
Baltimore-based group wants Pultitzer-winning paper, which has seen deep cuts to its newsroom, to become non-profit and sever link with owner Tribune

Adam Gabbatt

12, May, 2020 @10:00 AM

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Facebook took action on a fake story on white vans – but what about these hoaxes?
The platform has come under fire after an unsubstantiated story about women being abducted in white vans went viral – but these stories still remain on Facebook

Poppy Noor

05, Dec, 2019 @7:21 PM

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Melania Trump loudly booed at opioid awareness youth summit in Baltimore
First lady greeted with cheers and boos at event in city Donald Trump once called a ‘rat and rodent infested mess’

Martin Pengelly

26, Nov, 2019 @6:02 PM

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Springing the 'rat' trap: how Baltimore fought back against Trump's insults
In July the president called the Maryland city a ‘rat and rodent-infested mess’ and moved on. But for residents striving to build a brighter future, the hard work continues

David Smith in Baltimore

26, Oct, 2019 @6:00 AM

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What Elijah Cummings meant to me | Leland Shelton
He fought hard for his hometown and the soul of this nation. He knew it wasn’t just about him, but about our collective future

Leland Shelton

17, Oct, 2019 @7:20 PM

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