Two Trump officials subpoenaed for fundraising to undermine elections

Stephen Miller and Brian Jack were summoned as authorities investigate funds related to the Save America Pac, currently sitting at $100m

Two of Donald Trump’s top officials are facing subpoenas for an investigation against him regarding fund-raisers following the 2020 elections that aimed to undermine the results of the election.

Stephen Miller, once one of the former US president’s most senior aides, and Brian Jack, his former director of political affairs at the White House, were part of a large group of Trump’s officials and allies who were subpoenaed by the grand jury this week, the New York Times reported.

The investigation is examining funds related to the Save America political action committee (Pac) and an alleged plan that would entail sending fake electors to states that had contested results in the 2020 elections.

The Pac, which was created by Trump in November 2020 shortly after the election, is funded entirely by Republicans, and is sitting on more than $100m in funds – up from $31m in 2020.

Miller, who attracted notoriety during Trump’s administration for his alleged links to white supremacists and his staunch anti-immigrant stances, participated in a lengthy testimony earlier this year to the House select committee about Trump’s role in fanning the flames of the January 6 attack on the Capitol.

Before that, in December, Jack also faced a subpoena for his role in organizing a January 6 rally that led to the insurrection.

Others on the list of the subpoenas issued this week include officials who were involved with the electoral scheme in various degrees: from junior aides to pro-Trump lawyers assisting in planning the scheme, as well as Republican lawmakers who are Trump allies.

While the subpoena doesn’t put the individuals directly under investigation, it is an action that the Department of Justice can take against an individual in order to try to garner further information in a case, according to the Times.

This week’s subpoena is only the latest in a long string of allegations against, and investigation of the former president. In the most recent episode, a raid in his Mar-a-Lago Florida estate revealed he was in possession of documents he took from the White House during his departure in 2021 – documents that even senior Biden aides did not have the access to view.

In response, Trump last week chided the FBI and Department of Justice, accusing them of being “vicious monsters” under the control of the media and “radical-left scoundrels”.

• This article was amended on 11 September 2022. The Save America Pac was created in November 2020, not 2022 as an earlier version stated.


Samira Asma-Sadeque

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