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The past three years have been marked by too many articles suggesting that those of us over 60 are responsible for the referendum result, have become wealthy as a result of the property market, have unsustainably large pensions and “pulled up the ladder” on the generations coming behind us. What a rare treat to read an alternative account that more closely reflects a world recognisable to many of us (Ageing and raging, G2, 4 June).
Les Bright
Exeter, Devon

• So Matt Hancock thinks a one-nation Tory trying to appeal to the centre ground does that by making appalling and clearly defamatory remarks about the leader of the opposition (Hancock tells Tories only he can halt ‘antisemitic’ Corbyn’s march to No 10, 6 June). I hope Corbyn sues the pants off him.
Charles Barker

• When Donald Trump says – of the US and UK – that “we have an incredible [sic] intelligence relationship” (5 June), is he referring, perhaps, to the dodgy intercepts, misleading “human intelligence” and concocted images of biowarfare labs that were used to justify the Iraq war?
Alan Knight
St Antony’s College, Oxford

• There is certainly some truth in the notion that people often have similar careers to others born on the same day (Letters, 5 June). Both Brian Ferneyhough and I are quite well-known composers of contemporary music and we were born on 16 January 1943.
Gavin Bryars
Billesdon, Leicestershire

• Is there a support group for those of us, born 14 June, who share a birthday with Donald Trump (Letters, 6 June)?
Maxine Goda

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