West Virginia and Nebraska primaries: five things we learned

Bernie Sanders did little to make a dent in Hillary Clinton’s lead among pledged delegates but insisted ‘we are in this campaign to win the nomination’

Sanders wins West Virginia primary as Trump rolls on toward convention

The West Virginia and Nebraska primaries have come and gone. Here’s what happened:

  • Bernie Sanders cruised to victory over Hillary Clinton in West Virginia, while on the Republican side Donald Trump won big in both states.
  • Sanders was estimated to have netted about three delegates, while Trump picked up closer to 60 in his pair of wins. Trump is now about 100 delegates away from a 1,237 majority; his last opponents, Ted Cruz and John Kasich, dropped out of the race last week.
  • Sanders said: “We are in this campaign to win the Democratic presidential nomination ... Now we fully acknowledge – we are good at arithmetic – that we have an uphill climb ahead of us. But we are used to fighting uphill climbs.”
  • The Clinton camp was quiet. Up next are contests in Oregon, where Clinton has recently polled ahead of Sanders, and Kentucky.
  • Trump hailed his victories “by such massive margins” and called the wins “a great honor”.

Here’s how the delegate race stands on the Democratic side:

Democratic delegates

Here’s how the delegate race stands on the Republican side:

Republican delegates

Nebraska Democrats were also able to vote in a primary tonight, but it did not count, because Nebraska Democrats already held a caucus that did count, in March. Sanders won the caucus. But Clinton “won” the primary:

Clinton, in purple, won Nebraska primary (up 58-42). Sanders, in green, won caucus, 58-42. (primary doesn't count) pic.twitter.com/AmLezXvjX7

— Nate Cohn (@Nate_Cohn) May 11, 2016


Tom McCarthy in New York

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