Sally Bercow

23% increase in defamation actions as social media claims rise

Total cases up from 70 to 86 in one year

Roy Greenslade

20, Oct, 2014 @11:06 AM

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Spouse caught snogging in a club? Well, whatever works | Christine Patterson
Christina Patterson: Sally Bercow and Wendi Deng have attracted adverse publicity, but managing to stay married for years is no mean achievement

Christina Patterson

07, Feb, 2014 @3:35 PM

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Lord McAlpine of West Green obituary
Maverick Tory party treasurer with a love of art, books and antiques

Julia Langdon

19, Jan, 2014 @6:10 PM

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How to tweet without ending up in prison

An ill-judged tweet can land you in a whole lot of legal bother, as Peaches Geldof and Sally Bercow know only too well. So the attorney general's new guidelines are essential reading

Leo Benedictus

04, Dec, 2013 @6:12 PM

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Sally Bercow – a panto dame in waiting
Marina Hyde: The speaker's wife clearly wants a place on the stage this Christmas. Please can someone give her a break so she can stop performing in public life

Marina Hyde

17, Oct, 2013 @5:00 PM

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After the McAlpine libel case, maybe we need a time limit on damages
Peter Preston: Perhaps it's time to impose a rule that the more quickly allegations are withdrawn, the lower the damages should be

Peter Preston

26, May, 2013 @8:00 AM

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Twitter at its worst is not Bercow, but the braying mob | Barbara Ellen

Barbara Ellen: The Twitter villains are the bullies who feel scant responsibility and a lack of interest in fairness

Barbara Ellen

25, May, 2013 @11:06 PM

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Sally Bercow learns the social media rules the hard way in McAlpine case | Joshua Rozenberg
Joshua Rozenberg: Twitter users are learning what a dangerous weapon they have at their fingertips, as Sally Bercow's 46-character tweet shows

Joshua Rozenberg

24, May, 2013 @4:33 PM

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Sally Bercow's Lord McAlpine libel: Twitter is over. O.V.E.R. | Patrick Strudwick
Patrick Strudwick: The great modern sandpit will now have to rein it in, tamed by knowledge that the whiff of a suggestion could land you in court

Patrick Strudwick

24, May, 2013 @2:38 PM

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Twitter users should learn lessons from Sally Bercow's libellous tweet

Libel defeat shows that tweeters must beware what they write in 140 characters, says Roy Greenslade

Roy Greenslade

24, May, 2013 @11:52 AM

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Sally Bercow tweet libelled Lord McAlpine, high court rules
Commons Speaker's wife agrees to settle with Tory peer after falsely linking him with allegation of child sexual abuse

Josh Halliday

24, May, 2013 @10:15 AM

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Sally Bercow pleads innocence over Lord McAlpine Twitter storm
Speaker's wife says she was merely sharing random thought over Newsnight show that wrongly linked peer to abuse scandal

Lisa O'Carroll

16, May, 2013 @2:39 PM

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