Olympic legacy

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This monstrous glowing orb makes a mockery of east London’s Olympic legacy | Lyn Brown
Few locals want to see the MSG Sphere built, but Newham council has little power to stop it, says Lyn Brown, MP for West Ham

Lyn Brown

03, Aug, 2021 @12:48 PM

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Olympic antihero: how Michael Gove trashed the legacy of London 2012 | Letter
Letters: Chris Dunne on the successful school sport partnership scheme that the Conservatives dismantled in 2010 – and on why good coaching is the crucial factor at any level of sport


30, Jul, 2021 @3:52 PM

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Olympics ‘gave each Londoner a £900 feelgood factor’
Critics balked at the price tag, but it turns out the 2012 Games paid dividends for the city’s wellbeing

Jamie Doward

05, Apr, 2020 @6:54 AM

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The right result in the Cricket World Cup final would have been a tie | Simon Jenkins
Money and chauvinism demand there be victor and a vanquished. But in reality England and New Zealand were equals, says Guardian columnist Simon Jenkins

Simon Jenkins

15, Jul, 2019 @10:55 AM

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From Olympic Park to East Bank: how St Paul's 'faux pas' led to design rethink
Plans for a cultural hub at the Olympic park have been relaunched under Sadiq Khan, and include an east London outpost of the V&A. But will it draw the crowds?

Oliver Wainwright

05, Jun, 2018 @3:06 PM

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‘It’s soulless here’: why West Ham fans are in revolt
When a football club moves from its historic home to a shiny new stadium, it leaves more than memories behind – as West Ham supporters are discovering at the London Stadium

Andrew Anthony

29, Apr, 2018 @8:30 AM

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Government accused of withholding £2.5bn of assets from charities
Lottery money originally earmarked for good causes may now not be repaid for 30 years

Jamie Doward

30, Dec, 2017 @12:34 PM

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The river London forgot: how the Lea is being reborn
For years, it as been the city’s back yard, a place of fridge mountains, distilleries and scrapyards, but now there’s a fresh plan to turn this ancient valley back into a green playground. We walk the newly opened Leaway riverside path

Oliver Wainwright

05, Apr, 2017 @10:00 AM

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UK goes for gold with ‘financial doping’ | Brief letters
Letters: Sports funding | Olympic spirit | Expats and migrants | Mammoths | Robot right to vote | Weetabix prize | Lardy buster


21, Feb, 2017 @7:56 PM

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What is Rio’s Olympic legacy?
The Games in Brazil were a success on TV, but chaos, crime and corruption have dogged the city. Locals weigh up whether the price was worth a renovated port and better transport links

Dom Phillips

20, Dec, 2016 @1:02 PM

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London Olympics has brought regeneration, but at a price locals can’t afford | Penny Bernstock
Far from the promised benefits for the whole community, Stratford’s move upmarket involves little affordable housing and steeply rising prices

Penny Bernstock

30, Aug, 2016 @12:59 PM

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From London to Rio, 2012’s Paralympic legacy has been shamefully betrayed | Jackie Ashley
In 2012 we hailed Paralympians as heroes. Now they face a grimly familiar cycle of cuts and contempt, as the clock turns back on compassion

Jackie Ashley

25, Aug, 2016 @6:00 AM

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