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UK trained military of 15 countries with poor human rights records
Campaigners seek inquiry into whether skills gained in UK were used to commit abuses in countries such as Bahrain, China and Saudi Arabia

Diane Taylor

17, Jan, 2021 @6:25 PM

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Armed forces to support Covid testing in schools in England
MoD says 1,500 military personnel will ensure facilities ready for start of term on 4 January

Nadeem Badshah

29, Dec, 2020 @12:01 AM

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Our military might hampered by snow | Letter
Letter: Prof Keith Hayward recalls evaluating the MoD’s use of airships in Northern Ireland in the 1990s


11, Dec, 2020 @4:20 PM

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ICC abandons inquiry into alleged British war crimes in Iraq
Prosecutor says, however, there is ‘reasonable basis to believe’ atrocities may have been committed

Owen Bowcott Legal affairs correspondent

09, Dec, 2020 @5:44 PM

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UK unveils National Cyber Force of hackers to target foes digitally
New unit aims to disrupt online activities of hostile states, terror groups and paedophiles

Dan Sabbagh Defence and security editor

19, Nov, 2020 @6:48 PM

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Hackers HQ and Space Command: how UK defence budget could be spent
Creation of specialist cyber force and artificial intelligence unit in pipeline

Dan Sabbagh Defence and security editor

18, Nov, 2020 @10:30 PM

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Boris Johnson expected to announce more funding for defence
Defence secretary thought to have won multi-year, above-inflation settlement for Trident and drone technology

Dan Sabbagh Defence and security editor

18, Nov, 2020 @12:47 PM

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The dishonest overseas operations bill strips British troops of justice | John Healey
A bill going through parliament offers protection to the MoD, but not to servicemen and women, says shadow defence secretary John Healey

John Healey

02, Nov, 2020 @5:30 PM

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What do we know about the SBS?
The Special Boat Service that stormed a tanker off the Isle of Wight is closely aligned to the SAS

Dan Sabbagh Defence and security editor

25, Oct, 2020 @11:11 PM

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The Spycops bill undermines the rule of law and gives a green light to serious crimes | Shami Chakrabarti
Of course we need undercover officers. But the plan being put to MPs tomorrow blurs the line between agent and agitator, says former shadow attorney general Shami Chakrabarti

Shami Chakrabarti

14, Oct, 2020 @10:27 AM

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Covid: UK spent £569m on 20,900 ventilators but most remain unused
Government was right to prioritise speed over cost, says National Audit Office

Denis Campbell Health policy editor

30, Sep, 2020 @8:19 AM

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Rivals have surged ahead of UK's armed forces, Ben Wallace warns
Defence secretary sets out review designed to create nimbler force to counter Russia and China

Kevin Rawlinson

14, Sep, 2020 @5:00 PM

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