Reading standards of 11-year-olds slip, Sats figures show

English and Maths standards rise, despite 16% of primary school leavers failing to reach expected reading level

The reading standards of children leaving primary school in England has slipped, figures revealed today.

Sats results show 16% of 11-year-olds did not reach the level expected of them in reading, compared with 14% last year.

However, in English and maths tests overall, the standard is higher than last year with four-fifths of children reaching the level expected of them.

The same proportion of girls as boys reached the standard expected of them in maths – 80%. This is the first time this has happened for six years.

The figures, released by the Department for Education, show the results of 450,000 11-year-olds. A quarter of schools boycotted the tests because teachers object to the way they are forced to "teach the test".

Nick Gibb, the schools minister, said Sats were "a vital staging post" in a child's education and can provide crucial information as children move from primary school into secondary education.

"Proper tests help us identify the great schools, often in disadvantaged areas, which get superb results for all children," he said. "We can all learn from the best practice these tests help identify."

However, he said the figures revealed that more than a third of pupils were not reaching the level expected of them in reading, writing and maths combined.

"We will provide the help teachers need to do their job even better. We know the tests can be better, and we will be discussing with all parties how to improve the effectiveness, accuracy and rigour of the tests."


Jessica Shepherd

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