Sinn Fein statement

Sinn Fein president Gerry Adams declared today that the IRA was determined that it would not undermine the peace process and the Good Friday Agreement. Here is the full text of his statement

"Last Sunday I made a lengthy statement about the future of the peace process which has been widely welcomed. In the course of my statement I answered three questions raised by the British prime minister.

"It is my belief that all three questions were answered fully. However, the taoiseach, the British prime minister and others have queried my answer about alleged IRA activities.

"I want now in the interests of moving matters forward to eliminate any doubt which might exist in that regard.

"The IRA leadership makes it clear in its statement that it is determined that its activities will be consistent with its resolve to see the complete and final closure of the conflict.

"The IRA leadership is determined that there will be no activities which will undermine in any way the peace process and the Good Friday Agreement.

"The IRA statement is a statement of complete peaceful intent. Both governments have already acknowledged this.

"The joint declaration and all other statements should now be published. The commitments contained in all statements should be implemented."

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