Zahawi’s professed lack of care makes him unfit for government | Brief letters

Nadhim Zahawi’s tax ‘error’ | AI-generated tunes | The day the king died | Rude place names | Cold speculums

As a retired college inspector, I might think that Nadhim Zahawi’s description of his tax problem as “careless not deliberate” means that he has no right to be leading any aspect of government (Nadhim Zahawi claims error with his taxes ‘careless not deliberate’, 21 January). Careless is worse than deliberate.
Liz Thompson

• Jeff Sparrow wonders whether AI-generated music could match that created by humans (Are AI-generated songs a ‘grotesque mockery’ of humanity or simply an opportunity to make a new kind of music?, 20 January). He needn’t worry. A vital aspect of creativity is choice, and it is hard to imagine a computer program making an aesthetic distinction among various possibilities. Mind you, some pop music sounds as if it is based on deliberately bad choices.
Michael Bulley
Chalon-sur-Saône, France

• I, too, vividly recall the day King George VI died (Letters, 16 January). I was four years old and all prepared for Listen With Mother. It was cancelled. Instead, there was military music. I was inconsolable. As was my mother when they announced the cancellation of Woman’s Hour.
Edward Spraggon
Newcastle upon Tyne

• With guilty curiosity, I turned straight to the feature on Britain’s rudest placenames (Next stop, Twatt! My tour of Britain’s fantastically filthy placenames, 21 January), smugly disdainful of such adolescent, playground humour. Then I remembered Intercourse in Pennsylvania. We have had the magnet on our fridge for years.
Dr Margaret Rooney
Cranfield, Bedfordshire

• Virgin speculum, child speculum – it doesn’t really matter what you call the damn thing, just warm it first (Letters, 22 January).
Rita Gallard

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