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I see that £15,000 is required by the Art Fund to finalise repairs to the Solebay tapestry (UK museum in urgent appeal for funds to finish repairs on 17th-century naval tapestry, 16 February). As the tapestry was commissioned by her ancestor Charles II, I suggest that this would be a most appropriate cause on which the Queen could spend her money, unlike others currently under her consideration.
Varrie Blowers

• I assumed that the omission of the riotous 1913 Paris premiere of Stravinsky’s The Rite of Spring from the list of 50 live shows that shook the world (11 February) would be explained by the inclusion of even more significant musical events. So it was a great relief to read about Madonna’s 1990 Blond Ambition tour instead.
Bill Hawkes
Canterbury, Kent

• You report that the taxpayer owns 50% of NatWest after saving the bank in the financial crisis (‘We’ve had a run on champagne:’ Biggest UK banker bonuses since financial crash, 16 February). Why, then, isn’t the taxpayer receiving a bonus, if bonuses of £300m are being paid?
Veronica Piekosz
Great Smeaton, North Yorkshire

• “The intelligence we are seeing is not encouraging,” says Boris Johnson (Boris Johnson says Russia is sending ‘mixed signals’ on Ukraine, 15 February). Now he might understand how the rest of us feel.
Robert Sutton
Ulverston, Cumbria

• Rupert Murdoch did not wait for a pliant government as your headline suggests (Opinion, 16 February). He actively worked for it.
Anthony Lawton
Church Langton, Leicestershire

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