Folly of allowing Welsh language to decline | Brief letters

Speaking Welsh | Bread sauce sandwiches | Sprouts naysayer | Venereal finding

Seven years ago, my letter (12 March 2015) led to a Welsh course on Duolingo. There are now more than 500,000 active learners of Welsh on the platform. But there has been little attempt by the Welsh government’s National Centre for Learning Welsh to harness this potential and help turn these learners into speakers. The disastrous 2021 census results show the folly of this indifference (Report, 7 December).
Richard Morse
Cwmbrân, Torfaen

• Can I please join Neil Angrave and Gill Empson in their Bread Sauce Preservation Society (Letters, 8 December)? There is nothing quite as good as a bread sauce sandwich on Boxing Day, perhaps with a leftover pig in blanket and a glass of fizz.
Judi Fendley
New Malden, London

• As a sprouts naysayer (Letters, 9 December), I can’t help noticing that their advocates always come up with other ingredients in a desperate attempt to make them palatable – whether bacon, chestnuts or, in Jonathan Hauxwell’s case, olive oil, cream and Dijon mustard.
Mike Petty
Murwillumbah, New South Wales, Australia

• When clearing out the effects of my late father-in-law (Letters, 8 December), I came across a photo he had taken of a billboard with two posters side by side. The one on the left said “VD can be cured if caught early” while the one next to it said “I got it at the Co-op”.
Keith Wightman
Barbon, Cumbria

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