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I think several thousand of us have already factored in a dose of awe each day as prescribed by Prof Dacher Keltner (The wonder stuff: what I learned about happiness from a month of ‘awe walks’, 4 October). Some of the 270,000 of us who have joined the BBC Weather Watchers scheme and who go out every day looking for that picture which encapsulates today’s weather already feel it. Better still to get that top-up of joy (well, at least smugness) when the photo is chosen for the weather forecast.
Margaret Squires
St Andrews, Fife

• Thank you, Charlotte Higgins, for your monthly Archers update (A month in Ambridge, 5 October). I was an avid listener to The Archers from its inception in the 1950s, but stopped a few years ago when I got fed up with all the sensational stories, more akin to the TV soaps. When I get an indication from Charlotte that the series has got back to tales of everyday country folk, maybe I’ll listen again.
Penny Boydell
Painswick, Gloucestershire

• Surely if we invested more in our railways, we wouldn’t need so many truck drivers (Food banks warn of smaller parcels due to HGV supply shortages, 4 October)?
James Wilkinson
Ford, Shropshire

• Can I add Conservative politicians to Colwyn Lee’s list of potential occupations for retraining army personnel (Letters, 3 October)?
Roger Mears

• Not only can I fit into the same shoes (Letters, 5 October), I can wear the same sunglasses I had at 21.
Lorraine Haldane
Hove, East Sussex

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