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I’m wondering if that “top school”, Eton college, gives classes in terminological inexactitude? Or is it more a case of honing that English habit of dissembling? Alexander Nix (Report, 20 March) – I was drawing out the client to see how far he’d go. David Cameron – whatever the result of the referendum I’ll stay and see it through. Boris Johnson! Is it in addition to the daily lessons in how to be so successfully “up themselves”? Did Matilda go to Eton? Am I just a whingeing pleb? (PS Apologies to Humphrey Lyttelton.)
Anna Ford

• Boris Johnson’s comparison of the Russia World Cup with Hitler’s Olympics (Report, 22 March) is no doubt inspired by his use of the London Olympics for self-aggrandisement, political gain, and as an aside a thumbs-up for the Conservatives.
Steven King
Crewkerne, Somerset

• As an IT partner in one of the major accountancy firms (not PwC) in the 1990s, I was told by one of the insolvency partners that their role is “to go into the field when the battle is over and bayonet the wounded”. I was also instructed to charge a premium for work my team did supporting the insolvency. I refused (PwC’s fees for salvaging Carillion’s cash hit £20m, 22 March).
Martyn Thomas
Professor of IT, Gresham College

• British blue passports are likely to be printed by a French company after Brexit (Report, 22 March)? Is this an early poisson d’Avril? I trust Rees-Mogg, Gove, Johnson, Farage and others of their ilk will put their hands in their pockets to subsidise De la Rue to do the job.
Anne Anderton
Newcastle-under-Lyme, Staffordshire

• An appropriate mnemonic for diarrhoea (Letters, 22 March) is “Dash in a rush – run hard or else accident”.
Mary Jackson
Gilston, Hertfordshire

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