Third time lucky: my diazepam driving test | Letters

Letters: Nerves are what did for me when I failed my driving test twice

Nerves are what did for me 50 years ago, failing the driving test twice (Report, 23 November). On the second occasion the examiner said I was a good driver and was sorry to fail me. A low dose of Valium the third time did the trick.
Jennifer Henley

• “Conservative” means “averse to change or innovation and holding traditional values”. Seems to me it’s time the Tories were sued under the Trade Descriptions Act as, rather than seeking to preserve things, all they do whenever they get the chance is take a wrecking ball to everything (Letters, 24 November). It’s really quite bizarre.
Barry Willcox

• Ah, Thanksgiving. That time of year when North Americans celebrate a group of religious fundamentalists who, finding the state they lived in insufficiently “rigorous”, travelled at great personal risk far across the sea to establish a state governed according to principles derived from their own (rather hardline) interpretation of the scriptures of their religion. Happy Turkey Day to one and all.
Howard Smith

Pardon, Jess Phillips (Average men get to the top all the time. It’s depressing, G2, 24 November)? “Little old ladies”? In a paragraph bemoaning sexism, you manage a hat-trick of sexism, ageism and sizeism. Shame on you.
Judy Debenham

• Today I used my Steve Bell Corbyn mug for the first time. It was a disaster. The milk refused to work with the tea, the sweeteners fell out with each other and the spoon got suspended for trying to stir things up.
Bill Beddows

With all the major events currently happening worldwide, your front page today (23 November) was devoted to an advertisement. No more!
Veronica Puddicombe

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