Gary Coleman

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'I don't believe it!': stars on life haunted by their catchphrases
How do actors cope with having their defining line shouted at them in the streets – for decades? Richard Wilson, Maureen Lipman and Tony Robinson tell all

Ryan Gilbey

23, Jul, 2019 @2:10 PM

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10 of the strangest star cameos in video games
Rami Malek’s slasher horror, Bowie as a cyberpunk hacker, streetfighting Carmen Electra, and John Hurt down and dirty … improbable roles for A-listers

Keith Stuart

23, Mar, 2019 @1:36 PM

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Midgets Vs Mascots – review
It aspires to Borat and Jackass, but this contest for money is just crass bad taste, and humourless with it, writes Peter Bradshaw

Peter Bradshaw

06, Jan, 2011 @10:15 PM

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Gary Coleman obituary
Diff'rent Strokes star whose success lasted only as long as the run of the US sitcom

Ronald Bergan

30, May, 2010 @4:41 PM

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Gary Coleman, star of Diff'rent Strokes, dies at 42

Former child star dies in Utah hospital after suffering brain haemorrhage in fall

Anil Dawar and agencies

28, May, 2010 @11:22 PM

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Rhymes against music: when actors try to rap
The Wire's Idris Elba isn't the first actor to pursue a career in hip-hop. This fine tradition boasts such luminaries as, er, Mr T, Gary Coleman and Joaquin Phoenix

John McDonnell

21, May, 2010 @11:34 AM

Suffer little children

From Jackie Earle Haley to Gary Coleman, Jack Wild to Macaulay Culkin, child stardom can be a passport to obscurity. Why is it that so many of Hollywood's little darlings crash and burn?

Xan Brooks

06, Nov, 2006 @3:12 PM

Diff'rent role for sitcom star

Think Ronald Reagan. Think Clint Eastwood. Think Glenda Jackson. Think Gary Coleman? Unlikely as it may seem, the pint-sized former child-star of Diff'rent Strokes is hoping to join the ranks of luvvies-turned-politicos by running for the US Senate

08, May, 2000 @10:13 AM

Short orders

Child star Gary Coleman had it all. In 1984, he was earning $80,000 a week for his role in hit US sitcom, Diff'rent Strokes. So why is he now selling his personal effects on the internet to pay off his debts? He talked exclusively to Danny Leigh

24, Nov, 1999 @12:58 AM

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