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Angellica Bell: ‘My puppet sidekick became real to me’
The TV presenter and host of Leonardo: The Official Podcast on her love of Bullseye and Dallas – and what happened when Victoria Beckham came to CBBC

As told to Hannah J Davies

11, May, 2021 @1:30 PM

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Adrian Lester: ‘We’ll never have another TV villain like JR Ewing’
The theatre actor and Hustle alumnus – soon to star in Mike Bartlett’s Life – shares his TV loves and hates, from the Dallas patriarch to Geordie Shore

Interview by Hannah J Davies

22, Sep, 2020 @12:24 PM

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Ken Kercheval obituary
Actor who as Cliff Barnes was the arch-enemy of JR Ewing in the TV series Dallas

Anthony Hayward

26, Apr, 2019 @12:18 PM

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Dallas star Ken Kercheval dies at 83
Actor played hapless Cliff Barnes and appeared in numerous films and TV shows

Lanre Bakare Arts and culture correspondent

25, Apr, 2019 @9:06 AM

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The Kennedys: Decline and Fall review – like Dallas, but with extra cheese
Katie Holmes and Matthew Perry can’t save this tale of alpha family revenge, betrayal and assassination – although it might make a decent drinking game

Sam Wollaston

30, May, 2017 @5:00 AM

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Play All by Clive James review – how box sets saved us from reality TV and Hollywood
James almost invented witty, intelligent writing about TV. He used to analyse Dallas but now turns his attention to Mad Men and Game of Thrones, says Joe Moran

Joe Moran

07, Sep, 2016 @3:21 PM

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London Spy and television’s dodgiest denouements
After Ben Whishaw and the finale of awesome preposterousness, we look at other contenders for the crown of ultimate small-screen letdown

Michael Hogan

13, Dec, 2015 @8:00 AM

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Six of the best: memorable soap returns, from EastEnders to Dallas
In honour of Kathy Beale’s credulity-stretching return to Albert Square, here are six other dramatic re-entrances, from Harold Bishop to Bobby Ewing

Dan Martin

19, Aug, 2015 @2:40 PM

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The best and worst TV spin-off series
A successful TV series often spawns a spin-off, but it doesn’t always work…

Michael Hogan

08, Feb, 2015 @8:15 AM

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Cinderella review: Dallas star Linda Gray does pantomime with aplomb
While jokes about 80s series may be for older audiences, Tim Vine and Wayne Sleep help capture children’s attention

Michael Billington

09, Dec, 2014 @9:30 PM

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Nick Cotton and five more soap characters who came back from the dead
Hannah Verdier: Nasty Nick is back in EastEnders to torment Dot – and everyone else. It’s the latest in an enjoyable tradition of soap-opera resurrections, from Bobby Ewing to Harold Bishop

Hannah Verdier

29, Jul, 2014 @1:29 PM

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Cory Monteith: how will Glee producers deal with his death?

Andrew Collins: From Livia in The Sopranos to Leo in The West Wing, TV shows have found respectful ways of coping with a key actor's departure

Andrew Collins

16, Jul, 2013 @10:50 AM

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