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TV pranksters make transatlantic crossing

8am: Sky One is to broadcast a UK version of Canadian Jackass-style comedy reality show Kenny vs Spenny, in which two men compete to see who can pull off the most outlandish stunts. By Jason Deans.

Jason Deans, broadcasting editor

10, Jun, 2004 @7:10 AM

Kelley takes reality check

3.15pm: Last year he labelled reality television 'trash', but now the American producer behind LA Law and Ally McBeal has been lured into making his own reality show. By Jason Deans.

Jason Deans, broadcasting editor

02, Jun, 2004 @2:13 PM

Letters: Tessa Jowell MP

Letters: You suggest I had a "surprise" change of heart about reality television, now believing it to be broadly within the remit of public service broadcasting (Report, May 29).

02, Jun, 2004 @1:11 AM

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Stakes are high for 'evil' Big Brother

3.30pm: With last year's Big Brother failing to arouse public interest, tonight's live launch episode of the reality show's fifth series is more crucial than ever. By John Plunkett.

John Plunkett

28, May, 2004 @2:46 PM

Channel 4 show is 'slap in the face' for Bollywood

1.30pm: Channel 4 has been forced to defend its next major reality TV show Bollywood Star after a leading journalist said the programme would damage the Asian film industry. By Patrick Barrett.

Patrick Barrett

28, May, 2004 @2:29 PM

The Guardian profile: Gordon Ramsay

Britain's most truculent and brilliant chef is a perfectionist. But his latest TV show, Hell's Kitchen, with its cast of C-list celebs, is far from perfect. He has even had to apologise publicly to his arch-rival, who waited in vain to be fed.

Sandra Laville

28, May, 2004 @1:53 PM

ITV's Kitchen celebrities can't stand the heat

3.30pm: Athlete Dwain Chambers and DJ Tommy Vance have walked off Hell's Kitchen just three days into the reality TV show. By Claire Cozens.

Claire Cozens

26, May, 2004 @2:39 PM

A (gasp) fond farewell to Friends

As Chandler, Rachel, Ross, Monica, Phoebe and Joey leave the building, Charlie Brooker reveals how he tried - really tried - to loathe them.

Charlie Brooker

22, May, 2004 @2:08 PM

Obituary: Anthony Ainley
Obituary: As the Master in Doctor Who, he sent shivers down the spines of a generation.

Toby Hadoke

14, May, 2004 @11:19 PM

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Ramsay's sneaky chef caught out

A chef pilloried on Channel 4 reality show Gordon Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares was actually moonlighting from his day job at a hotel in Swindon, it was revealed today.

Press Association

13, May, 2004 @2:21 PM

Frasier spin-off on the cards

2pm: The team behind hit US sitcom Frasier is reported to have created a spin-off series that would revive the central character, psychiatrist Dr Frasier Crane. By Patrick Barrett.

Patrick Barrett

05, May, 2004 @9:50 AM

Rural groups threaten to wreck set of reality TV show

Disgruntled farmers have said France's most popular reality TV show is 'degrading and insulting' to the rural community and say they will halt its filming by force unless it comes off the air this week. By Jon Henley.

Jon Henley in Paris

05, May, 2004 @6:32 AM

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