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Lil' Bush: it ain't that funny

Comedy Central loves satirical adult animation, but its latest cartoon is a bit obvious for these cynical times.

James Anthony

11, Dec, 2006 @4:28 PM

You review: Housewife, 49

Victoria Wood's first ITV drama for 25 years certainly pleased me. But what did you think?

Stephanie Billen

11, Dec, 2006 @2:12 PM

I love 1996

I've been glued to the repeats of This Life. But will the one-off special next month live up to the original sex, drugs and Britpop cult?

Alan Bissett

08, Dec, 2006 @9:15 AM

In classic movie heaven with Turner

Forget Sky Movies, Film Four and all the rest, Ted Turner's choice does it for me every time.

Guy Dammann

07, Dec, 2006 @4:32 PM

Mini-rappers cause internet stink

For professional rappers, who often spend thousands on their videos, the rise of the Kersal Massive must be galling.

Ben Marshall

06, Dec, 2006 @1:13 PM

Who is king of the chat show?

David Letterman has just signed a new $19m deal, but is he the best? And how do the UK hosts compare?

Janine Gibson

06, Dec, 2006 @12:50 PM

Don't you want me? Maybe?

I come back from holiday only to find some meanies have decided my profession, that of TV critic, has been abolished.

Sam Wollaston

05, Dec, 2006 @5:19 PM

Give music a fighting chance on the box

Funky download programmes are all the rage but, believe me, there's still a place for music on TV.

Mark Hagen

05, Dec, 2006 @2:55 PM

A day in the life of France 24

With French TV being the worst in the world, what can we expect from a 24-hour news channel that promises 'an emphasis on culture'?

Jon Henley

05, Dec, 2006 @2:33 PM

You review: The Choir

The critics agree that Gareth Malone, my real-life maestro, is the magic ingredient in this hackneyed documentary formula. But what did you think?

Sarah Phillips

05, Dec, 2006 @1:42 PM

Nanny knows best

The idea of watching other people's badly behaved kids on TV, after putting your own to bed, might seem a little twisted. But I find it totally compulsive.

Jenny Colgan

04, Dec, 2006 @4:16 PM

Why Five is the new Channel Four

It used to rely on flaccid porn and cheap imports to fill up airtime, but the days when a channel five marathon left a bad taste in your mouth are dwindling.

Eva Wiseman

04, Dec, 2006 @12:29 PM

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