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Reality TV grips and enrages Arab world

It seemed the ideal formula for reality TV: Blind Date meets Big Brother.

Brian Whitaker

02, Mar, 2004 @8:10 AM

Toby Young: A load of rowlocks

Toby Young: We are starting to worry about how we are going to look in this TV show. But it's probably too late now ...

Toby Young

02, Mar, 2004 @2:24 AM

Lynn Barber meets Clare Short
What led Clare Short to agree to spend a week teaching in a comprehensive school for a reality TV show? Whatever the reason, it's become the second controversy to envelop her this year, writes Lynn Barber.

Lynn Barber

22, Feb, 2004 @2:55 PM

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Stallone to star in Rocky reality show

8am: US TV executives have recruited Hollywood muscleman Sylvester Stallone to help take reality television into the boxing ring, reports Patrick Barrett.

Patrick Barrett

20, Feb, 2004 @8:02 AM

The Editor: What they said about the finale of I'm a Celebrity

... the finale of I'm a Celebrity.

Edward Gibbes

11, Feb, 2004 @3:04 AM

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Jennie Bond should bring out royal secrets book

Queen of the jungle Kerry McFadden is already looking at a windfall from ITV's I'm a Celebrity, but the other contestants face a mixed future. John Plunkett looks at their prospects.

John Plunkett

10, Feb, 2004 @5:10 PM

Punk rocker quits jungle for chocolate

In a move hardly befitting his image as the bad boy of punk, former Sex Pistol John Lydon yesterday stormed off the jungle set of I'm a Celebrity ... Get Me Out Of Here! complaining about the lack of chocolate.

Jamie Wilson and John Plunkett

06, Feb, 2004 @7:31 AM

Press review: The tabloid week

Press review: Is Jordan, the surgically enhanced glamour model, stringing the hapless pop failure Peter Andre along with promises of affection? Or is it true love?

Michael Hann

06, Feb, 2004 @2:35 AM

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Lydon walkout leaves ITV in the lurch

12.15pm: Former Sex Pistols star John Lydon will not be allowed to return to I'm a Celebrity after storming off the jungle contest in the middle of the night, throwing the show into a temporary crisis. John Plunkett reports.

John Plunkett

05, Feb, 2004 @1:52 PM

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Rotten outburst sends ITV into tizzy

11.15am: Twenty-eight years ago a four-letter outburst from Sex Pistol John Lydon on primetime TV caused a national scandal, but last night he called an audience of up to 12 million people 'fucking cunts' and only 98 complained. By Owen Gibson.

Owen Gibson

04, Feb, 2004 @5:55 PM

Transcript: Sex Pistols v Bill Grundy

The filth and the fury

04, Feb, 2004 @11:56 AM

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Celebrity scoops ratings high for ITV2

8.30am: The success of I'm a Celebrity... Get Me Out of Here! has boosted ITV's digital channel ITV2, giving it the biggest non-terrestrial audience of the year so far. By Chris Tryhorn.

Chris Tryhorn

03, Feb, 2004 @7:25 AM

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