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24's means don't justify its ends

In hot pursuit of its own neocon fantasy, the new series is as good - and insidious - as ever.

Ben Marshall

17, Jan, 2007 @3:45 PM

Will you roll up for Skins?

At last, teen TV that's neither embarrassing nor trivialising, and is fresh and honest enough to horrify the parents.

Sarah Phillips

17, Jan, 2007 @2:30 PM

Hugh Laurie: a real Renaissance man

He's smart, attractive, and little bit mysterious, and now the star of House has won two Golden Globes. What's not to love?

Jenny Colgan

17, Jan, 2007 @9:12 AM

Why blogs are going straight to video

Almost anyone can make a 'vlog' these days. Sometimes, it seems, almost everybody has.

Ben Marshall

16, Jan, 2007 @3:57 PM

Why darts is the only reality TV worth watching

Pils, thrills and bellyache: what's not to love about the classic pub game?

Tim Jonze

16, Jan, 2007 @2:26 PM

How ER's heart keeps beating

ER is in its thirteenth year, thanks to a transfusion of new blood - and cash.

Caryn Mandabach

16, Jan, 2007 @8:00 AM

Range of responses to Little Mosque On The Prairie

Muslims haven't had much to laugh about since 9/11. Does this new Canadian comedy raise a smile?

Malik Meer

15, Jan, 2007 @5:56 PM

Leo Sayer: you make me feel like voting

It's the talker, the journalist and The Faceman up for eviction tonight. I know who I want out of the Celebrity Big Brother house - do you?

Simon Swift

12, Jan, 2007 @11:05 AM

Marks & Spencer or Mocking & Snobbery?

Preston was right to storm off the set of Never Mind The Buzzcocks, and the other panelists should be ashamed.

Owen Adams

12, Jan, 2007 @9:59 AM

The Swedish season of the duck

In a multi-channel age, the Swedes still come together once a year to watch Donald Duck and an unfunny British comedy.

Guy Dammann

11, Jan, 2007 @4:29 PM

A shame about Shameless

It was chosen as 'pick of the night' by many papers, but most critics found the new series of Shameless a huge disappointment. Is it time to call it a day?

Henrietta Clancy

10, Jan, 2007 @12:57 PM

Iwao Takamoto: the Dogfather

Iwao Takamoto, who died yesterday, will be fondly remembered for giving us Scooby Doo and Mutley.

Natalie Hanman

09, Jan, 2007 @3:33 PM

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