Badge of honour: Adam Beales named as Blue Peter’s 40th presenter

Three million viewers already follow “Adam B” on YouTube. Won’t this BBC job get in the way of his video pranks?

Name: Adam Beales.

Age: 20.

Appearance: About 15.

Occupation: BBC entertainer.

Is he still in EastEnders? That’s Ian Beale. This is Adam Beales, who has just been announced as the 40th Blue Peter presenter.

Fortieth? The studio will be very crowded. Fortieth ever, since the venerable children’s show first aired back in 1958.

A lot of history there. Indeed. Beales will be following in the footsteps of , Valerie Singleton, John Noakes, Lesley Judd, Richard Bacon, Anthea Turner, Konnie Huq and exactly 33 others.

Over the years Blue Peter has plucked a lot of people from obscurity and set them on the road to fame and fortune, hasn’t it? Yes. It has returned a fair few to obscurity as well.

Let’s hope that isn’t the case with young Adam whatsisname. Don’t worry about Adam. He’s already a presenter on the CBBC show The Dog Ate My Homework.

I will take your word for it that there is such a show. And before that he was already fairly well known to his YouTube followers.

Sure, but how many YouTube followers does a kid like that have? 2.97 million.

Holy cats. What does he do? He describes it as “a not so funny person, trying to act funny in front of a camera”.

Sounds great. The videos largely consist of Beales – known as Adam B – larking about in the family home in Derry, and playing pranks on his long-suffering younger brother Callum.

And people like that sort of thing? His most popular videos have exceeded 20m views. And he has done promotional deals with Disney.

So you can really make money just by filming yourself playing pranks on your brother? It would seem so. In May, he bought his parents a new house.

It sounds as if the Blue Peter gig might be a bit underwhelming for him. On the contrary – Beales is super-excited. “I am humbled and ecstatic to be part of such a legendary production,” he said. His first live show airs this week.

Still, he must be worried about taking a pay cut to work for the BBC. Unlikely. In the video he posted to announce his new job, Beales explained to his followers that he will spend half his week filming Blue Peter, and the other half back in Derry making Callum’s life hell for fun and profit. Then he gave them a tour of his swanky new Manchester flat.

Well, this certainly sounds like a huge opportunity for the BBC. I’m sure they’ll learn a lot.

Do say: “Give this kid a Blue Peter badge for entrepreneurship.”

Don’t say: “You’re nothing without Callum!”

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