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Nanny knows best

The idea of watching other people's badly behaved kids on TV, after putting your own to bed, might seem a little twisted. But I find it totally compulsive.

Jenny Colgan

04, Dec, 2006 @4:16 PM

Why Five is the new Channel Four

It used to rely on flaccid porn and cheap imports to fill up airtime, but the days when a channel five marathon left a bad taste in your mouth are dwindling.

Eva Wiseman

04, Dec, 2006 @12:29 PM

People need to see the poverty gap

Little has changed for the homeless since Cathy Come Home in 1966, and that's why I felt compelled to make a drama about today's social inequality

Dominic Savage

01, Dec, 2006 @5:45 PM

Viral video chart

This week, we thought we'd try a news-y viral video chart. Suggestions for your own discoveries are welcome too.

Jemima Kiss

01, Dec, 2006 @9:43 AM

Youth is not on our presenters' side

Alex Zane may be boyish but Simon Amstell would be a better choice to liven up the Brits.

Ben Marshall

30, Nov, 2006 @3:55 PM

Has Michael Richards ruined Seinfeld?

After his racist outburst in a comedy club, I can no longer stomach Kramer in Seinfeld.

Guy Dammann

30, Nov, 2006 @11:30 AM

To see past Cinderella

Reality TV is pushing aside women's freedom to imagine that beauty isn't their only power.

Natasha Walter

30, Nov, 2006 @9:14 AM

You review: Tsunami, the Aftermath

It may have been compelling drama, but was Abi Morgan's fictionalised account of the 2004 disaster the right way to represent a terrible real-life tragedy?

Lindesay Irvine

29, Nov, 2006 @12:03 PM

The Wizard of Oz goes sci-fi

After Battlestar Galactica won rave reviews, will Tin Man be the next Sopranos?

Daniel Martin

29, Nov, 2006 @11:35 AM

'No pets, no children'

A new BBC documentary about homelessness in the UK shows that very little has changed since Ken Loach's 60s drama, Cathy Come Home.

Brian Woods

28, Nov, 2006 @4:25 PM

Open late, 24 heaven

However you do the maths, series five of the real-time thriller is worth staying up for.

Jenny Colgan

28, Nov, 2006 @8:30 AM

Cable girl

Lucy Mangan: What with all the trouble one of its former stars has been having in the last few weeks, I thought this might be the week to attempt to analyse my own struggles with Seinfeld.

Lucy Mangan

28, Nov, 2006 @12:06 AM

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