Strictly Come Dancing 2021: week seven results – as it happened

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The competition was heating up as we entered week seven, with John and Johannes dancing the rumba to Sting – and Sara and Aljaž quickstepping to Dolly Parton. But who left the dancefloor for good this week?

Adam and Katya take to the floor for their final dance, to ‘Hi Ho Silver Lining’ by Jeff Beck, and that’s the end of another week on Strictly! Thank you for joining in with your very funny and insightful comments, and please come back next Saturday at 6.40pm for another spin around the Strictly dancefloor. See you then! Hx

ANYWAY, all of this means that Adam and Katya are leaving the show. He’s been a brilliant sport, and he and Katya have made a great team. Katya is tearful and very clearly upset that they’ve been booted off – ‘I was not ready for this,’ she says.

To be fair, Katya, Adam was in the dance-off last week and at the bottom of the leaderboard this week. The signs were definitely there.

Adam and Katya leave Strictly
Adam and Katya leave Strictly Photograph: Guy Levy/PA


In a completely irrelevant twist, Shirley announces that she’d have saved Adam and Katya, but doesn’t explain why. She’s given Tilly nines for the past three weeks, but apparently this week she’d have hoofed her out for Adam, who is lovely and an absolute trier but not in the same league as Tilly. Still, at least you’ve cast your shadow over proceedings, Shirley, which is the main thing.

Craig votes to save Tilly, but says he wouldn’t have put these two couples in the bottom two. I mean, you gave Adam six points, Craig, your lowest score of the night. You literally DID put him in the bottom two.

Motsi and Anton both save Tilly and pretend it was a really hard decision, so ADAM AND KATYA are leaving Strictly.

Judging time
Judging time Photograph: Guy Levy/PA


Tilly and Nikita are up next, playing giant CGI vertigo chess. I still don’t think that dress does Tilly’s footwork any favours, but this was by no means a bad Tango, particularly when you consider some of the other dances from last night. That should be enough to save Tilly, I think?

Dance off time! Adam’s up first, and he has huge room for improvement in this Jive after a few mistakes last night. It still has bags of energy and his retraction is great, but his feet still turn in and it lacks finesse. Great effort though, and definitely better than last night.

So it’s Adam vs. Tilly in the dance-off. This isn’t Adam’s first rodeo, but it’s a first for Tilly, and after three weeks of huge scores this is going to give her confidence a knock. She’s almost certainly not going home so it’s fine, but her Tango was undermarked (in my humble opinion) and I don’t think she deserves to be in this position. JUST SAYING.

So who’s joining Tilly and Nikita in the dance off? John and Johannes are safe, along with Sara and Aljaz, Dan and Nadiya and Rose and Giovanni.

In the dance off: ADAM AND KATYA. Dan looked shocked. We were ALL shocked, mate.

Lovely visit from Tess and Claudia to Synergy Dance, A Children In Need-funded inclusive dance company. That looks like SO much fun.

Time for a musical interlude, courtesy of Irish band The Script - you may remember them from their 2008 stalking anthem ‘The Man Who Can’t Be Moved’. Is the Republic of Ireland sponsoring tonight’s show?

The Script are singing ‘Superheroes’, which *checks notes* is a song from 2014. Gorka and Karen are doing some interpretive contempo-waft.

So who’s safely through to next week’s show? Tom and Amy are safe, along with AJ and Kai and Rhys and Nancy.

First couple in the dance off: TILLY AND NIKITA.

WELL. If the public has kept Adam and Dan in, we could be in for a shock eviction tonight. DRAMA.

Last night on Strictly: over the Strictly Halfway Hump with an uplifting, fun-filled show.

Highlights: AJ’s amazing Charleston, John and Johannes’ spellbinding Rumba, our first sub-90 minute show, Adam bouncing off his balls.

Lowlights: Some frock horrors, pedestrian street dance, Dan’s bum hair, erratic scoring.

Out come the judges! Shirley’s swapped her white neckbrace for a demure white blouse with a black pussy bow. whilst Motsi looks like a lycra-clad goddess, as per.



Tess in some kind of pink sparkly asymmetric sweet wrapper puff-sleeved synthetic madness, and Claudia in black with sparkly wellies.


Tonight’s opening pro dance is set in an Irish bar. The best way I can describe this is Titanic meets Riverdance, to a soundtrack of ‘The Safety Dance’ by Men Without Hats. Except lot of people are wearing hats and dancing on that bar definitely isn’t safe. It’s absolute CHAOS.


And we’re off! Only six more weeks of these credits, which reminds me that I really need to start my Christmas shopping. I’ve usually finished by now, but it’s been a busy year.

I still think Nina Wadia going out so early was a real shame.

Who decided to hoof Countryfile out of the pre-Strictly Sunday slot? Surely it must have boosted viewing figures, and thus sales of the Countryfile calendar. Very poor marketing decision.

Also I’m not a Doctor Who fan, so mostly this is a personal grumble. And if I can’t use this platform for a personal grumble, what’s the point?

I missed the Countryfile Casual Weather earlier, but I see from the comments that it was the the lovely Nick Miller. He’s always reliable on the casual front, and he knows we’re watching. Thanks for continually setting the (iso)bar, Nick.


Sunday night Results Show update!

Evening all, and welcome back to this week’s Results show! Last night was another action-packed show, but tonight we have to say farewell to another Strictly couple.

Who will it be? Common sense says Adam and Katya, but they’ve been saved by the public before. Could it be Tom? Tilly? Rhys? Sara? Dan? At this point in the competition it could be any of these - the only ones I’m sure are safe are AJ, John and Rose. But kick off is at 7.15pm, so we’ll know soon enough. See you in a bit!

See you tomorrow for the results!

And that’s IT for another Strictly Saturday – I’ll be back tomorrow from 7.15pm for the Results, so please join me here then. Thank you for joining in and being A-MAY-ZING – four tens all round. I’m off to read your comments, so enjoy the rest of your Saturday! Hx

Staaaaart VOTING!

Let’s take a look at the leaderboard - AJ and Kai at the top, and Adam and Katya and Dan and Nadiya in the dance-off danger zone. Will that be how tomorrow pans out, or will the public step in to save them? I think Dan stands a good chance of being saved - my money’s on Rhys or Tilly joining Adam tomorrow.

The voting is open, so it’s time for a big old recap – my highlights this evening included Roses’s Sassy Samba, JoJo’s sensual Rumba and AJ and Kai’s classic Charleston.

Another great show this week - enjoyed very much. Everyone’s bringing their best moves and I can’t stop smiling.

Scores: 8,8,8,9 - a total of 33 for Sara and Aljaz.

Shirley loved the stamina and Sara is really happy in hold. Anton thought it was joyous and Aljaz’s choreo was brilliant, but Sara’s head gives him the hump. Craig thought the footwork could have been cleaner and Sara’s shoulders were raised, but being in hold is Sara’s forte. Motsi loved the rhythm changes and Sara kept up the pace to the end.

Who has Sara upset in wardrobe? She looks like Sully from Monsters Inc. in that ugly blue/green combo. There’s too much faffing about at the beginning of this Quickstep, but once they get into hold things improve. The footwork is a bit scrappy in places and it wasn’t my cup of tea, but enjoying Sara’s enthusiasm.

Sara and Aljaz
Sara and Aljaz Photograph: Guy Levy/PA


And's Sara and Aljaz!

This week they’re dancing the Quickstep to ‘9 to 5’ by Dolly Parton. Kellie and Kevin did a Quickstep to this back in the day, and it was a Caroline and Johannes American Smooth only last year. Dolly Partial, more like.

Scores: 9,10,10,10 - a total of 39 for AJ and Kai.

Motsi was so proud of AJ’s performance - it was authentic and she loved it. Shirley doesn’t have a paddle big enough, it was off the chart. Anton thought it was outrageous and brilliant, and Craig agrees - it was A-MAY-ZING. Tens all round?

AJ looks amazing in red and pink chevrons, and she was born to dance the Charleston. Lovely precision in her swivel, great characterisation and her timing is sublime. LOVED that. Best Charleston we’ve seen in years.

AJ and Kai
AJ and Kai Photograph: Guy Levy/PA


Who's next? It's AJ and Kai!

This week they’re dancing the Charleston to ‘Don’t Bring Lulu’ by Dorothy Provine, Pinky and The Girls. Am very much hoping that actualy Lulu is going to randomly pop up on Zoom later, not that AJ and Kai’s fire needs relighting in any way.

AJ absolutely has the legs for this, I’m really looking forward to it.

Scores: 8,8,10,9 - a total of 35 for John and Johannes.

Craig is thinking of stealing that for his wedding dance to his fiance Johnathan. There were a few details, but he totally loved it. Motsi thought their movement really spoke and it had sensitive feeling and was the essence of a Rumba. Shirley felt emotional after watching that - it was atmospheric and class personified. Anton thought it was a beautifully mature performance although John’s posture wasn’t quite right. A beautiful, lyrical dance.

Loving John and Johannes in matching pyjamas, although John’s have some missing buttons, which is just shoddy tailoring.

John is leading this dance, and he’s doing a masterful job. Lovely storytelling and some really nice Rumba shaping. An intimate, compelling performance with real beauty - I’m not a fan of the Rumba, but that was something really special and I loved it a lot *fans self*

John and Johannes
John and Johannes Photograph: Guy Levy/PA


Next's John and Johannes!

This week they’re dancing the Rumba to ‘Shape of My Heart’ by Sting. We’ve made it to Week 7 without John and Johannes setting the tabloids AFROTH with their take on dancefloor romance, so I’m very much hoping they’ve been storing it all up for this Rumba. Forget fraternal, caring and mutually respectful, I’d like man-on-man tantric Rumba filth please.


Scores: 6,7,8,7 - a total of 28 for Dan and Nadiya.

Apparently Dan’s bum is covered in physio tape and it’s taken all the hair off. Absolutely didn’t need to know this.

Anton laughed and smiled at the performance because it was joyous and sweet. He’d have liked it to be funkier, and Dan’s got more to give. Craig thought it was a bit vanilla and it was generally disappointing, but he enjoys watching Dan. Motsi thought Dan had a bit of a groove and she felt the vibe, but there was a lot of running about. Shirley thought Dan pushed out of his comfort zone and he didn’t miss a beat, and he’s getting an extra point for singing the song. Oh wow, is that a thing? WHO KNEW.

I don’t really know this is, but it’s kind of fun. Mostly it’s a Couple’s Choice genre known as ‘dad dancing whilst wearing a suit from Miami Vice and visibly mouthing the words’. Not a huge amount of actual dancing, but Dan strikes a pose beautifully and I’m definitely smiling.

Dan and Nadiya
Dan and Nadiya Photograph: Guy Levy/PA


It's time for Dan and Nadiya!

This week they’re dancing Couple’s Choice to ‘Classic’ by MKTO, which is a pop banger from 2013. It features the lyrics ‘I wanna thrill you like Michael, I wanna kiss you like Prince’, which is a stark reminder of how much has happened in the world of pop legends since 2013.

I confess to being kind of intrigued what Dan’s Couple’s Choice might look like. Nadiya has a slightly unhinged air about her and they have absolutely nothing to lose. Unleash the madness.

Dan’s Couple’s Choice backstory is all about his love of sport and being a football commentator. I bet his family are FUMING.

Scores: 8,8,7,8 - a total of 31 for Tilly and Nikita.

I mean, I thought that was better than Tom’s Paso, but what do I know?

Shirley would like to see more flow in frame, and her feet need more ankle articulation. Anton enjoyed the intensity of the performance but the angle of her head needs work. Craig thought it was a bit stop-start and the footwork was a bit heavy, but he loved the drama. Motsi enjoyed the modern take but Tilly needs to work on the details.

Ooh, CGI chess! This is like The Queen’s Gambit, but in a wet look pleather binbag. Nice tension from Tilly and plenty of attack, but the hem of that frock makes it hard to see her feet. But they’re OK, I think?

Tilly and Nikita
Tilly and Nikita Photograph: Guy Levy/PA


Who's next? It's Tilly and Nikita!

This week they’re dancing the Tango to ‘Kings & Queens’ by Ava Max. Tilly is the dark horse of this competition right now, and arguably one of the more consistently good dancers in the competition. If we were lining up for a four-couple Grand Final I’d say she was a safe bet, but I’m not sure she’s can break through the dominance of AJ, John and Rose unless she somehow ends up in the dance-off with one of them. This year’s semi-final could be a nail-biter.

Apparently Tilly was her Year 2 chess champion when she was at school. Aren’t Year 2 students six years old? What was she doing playing chess? How much competition was there? What was wrong with pogs and fidget spinners and loom bands?


Scores: 7,9,9,9 - a total of 34 for Rhys and Nancy.

Motsi love the rhythm and Rhys’s posture has really improved. Shirley thought the side-by-side sections were amazing, but Rhys needs to be more comfortable in hold. Anton agrees Rhys has improved but his posture needs to be more forward, but everything else was fabulous. Craig thought Rhys’s frame let him down but the rhythm changes were immaculate and he loved the energy.

So the theme of this Quickstep is that is a mechanic and Nancy is wearing a horrible dress. It’s clear how hard Rhys has worked on his frame and his limbs are much more in control, but this song doesn’t really work for a Quickstep and it all feels a bit chaotic to me. The bits out of hold are amazing, but not entirely sure Nancy helped Rhys out much there. Still, definite improvement.

Rhys and Nancy
Rhys and Nancy Photograph: Guy Levy/PA


Next up - it's Rhys and Nancy!

This week they’re dancing the Quickstep to ‘What A Man Gotta Do’ by Jonas Brothers. This is a great song and theoretically Rhys has a great frame for a Quickstep, if he can keep it under control. He needs a mega score from the judges to stay out of trouble this week, particularly with Tom scoring 10s and Dan on a Couple’s Choice free pass.

Scores: 9,10,10,9 - a total of 38 for Tom and Amy. I must have watched something different, I’ll give it another look later.

Craig thought Tom did a fantastic job and it was the most convincing Paso he’s ever seen from a male celeb. Motsi agrees it was a strong performance and he really led the dance with a strong character. Shirley thought it was classical and balletic, just needed a bit more flow in the details. Anton loved the choreography and it was excellently danced and a joyous Paso from Tom. 9s all round?

Ooh, some nice knee work from Tom to start, and he’s definitely commanding this red white and blue Paso. A nice attempt at Spanish line and some good cape work, but the whole thing lacks a bit of flow in the transitions and needs a little more polish. But definitely one of the better Pasos we’ve seen this year. Nice work, Tom.

Tom and Amy
Tom and Amy Photograph: Guy Levy/PA


It's time for Tom and Amy!

This week they’re dancing the Paso Doble to ‘Amparito Roca’ by Jamie Texidor. This is proper Paso music, and I have high hopes for this performance. Tom does these kind of character dances really well, and Amy brings out the best in him.

Tom is the one I feel like hasn’t quite hit his Strictly stride yet, but time is ticking so if he’s planning a Strictly journey, he might want to crack on with it.

In training, a random visit from Harry Judd. DRINK.

Scores: 8,8,8,8 - a total of 32 for Rose and Giovanni. So far, so sensible scoring. But the night is young.

Anton could feel Rose’s nerves but some lovely Samba elements. Craig didn’t think it was nervous at all, it looked totally natural on Rose but it needed more fluidity. Motsi loved the beginning and Rose and Giovanni are such a strong team, and Shirley appreciated the leg shape and the hip rotation.

I can’t look at Shirley’s pantsuit without seeing a whiplash neck brace.

Loving sass queen Rose in this Samba, and this features a nice combination of Rose giving it both barrels on the catwalk and some lovely Samba basics. Very much enjoying the attitude, but a bit nervous and tentative in places.

Rose and Giovanni
Rose and Giovanni Photograph: Guy Levy/PA

Next up - it's Rose and Giovanni!

Tonight they’re dancing the Samba to ‘Cinema Italiano’ by Kate Hudson. Last week Rose and Giovanni scored the earliest perfect score in Strictly history, which means there’s nowhere to go with this Samba but down. Also it’s a Samba, so down is almost inevitable. That said, Rose had given us some nice Latin in previous weeks and there’s a lot of love and goodwill around these two.

Poppies abound, so let’s just assume every training room video includes a drink.

Scores: 6,7,7,7 - a total of 27 for Adam and Katya.

Shirley thought Adam came out with a vengeance and opened the show well. There was a mistake but Adam covered it well and he was light on his feet. Anton thought it was a bit hesitant at first, but terrific once Adam got going and he was ‘up on his balls’ brilliantly. Also something about three legs, which may or may not be related.

Craig thought the mistakes put the timing off and Adam needed to dance better through the transitions, but the kicks and flicks were tight. Motsi thought Adam performed well and his posture was good - a lot more positives than negatives.

Adam and Katya’s Jive is set in a pool hall, which offers lots of opportunity to faff about with a pool cue. As expected Adam has plenty of energy in the kicks and flicks, but he also has sickled feet an it all feels a bit wild in places. That said, great pace and timing not bad either. Quite enjoyed that.

Adam and Katya
Adam and Katya Photograph: Guy Levy/PA


First up this week - it's Adam and Katya!

This week they’re dancing the Jive to ‘Little Bitty Pretty One’ by Frankie Lymon & The Teenagers. Adam ended up in the bottom two last week after doing a Beethoven Viennese in a dusty wig, but he’s definitely got the energy and stamina for this Jive. If he can keep his feet from turning in and manage the pace and timing, this could be really good.

Training room poppies - drink!


Out come the stars! Highlights include Nancy wearing an Ikea shower curtain and Sara and possibly the worst dress/wig combo ever seen on Strictly. And man, that bar is high.



Tess in nude sparkles with giant puffy sleeves and a weird hem, Claudia as one of the Blues Brothers.


And we’re off! The bit in the Results show when our couples find out if they’ve made it through is terrifying, we learn, but an amazing feeling if you’re not in the dance-off Everyone wants to stay in the competition and nobody wants to go home.

More breaking news as it happens.

Either Wurzel Gummidge is on The Hit List has taken a surreal turn.

I’m old enough to remember watching Jon Pertwee’s original Wurzel as a child, and finding the whole ‘swapping heads’ thing absolutely terrifying.


Charge your glasses for this week’s Strictly Come Bingo!

It’s a TRAINING ROOM SPECIAL this week – take a sip of whatever tickles your fancy for any occurrence of the following:

  • Visible sweat patches
  • Hastily-applied poppies
  • Legwarmers
  • Random visitors
  • Comedy falling over

Heidi’s Halfway Hunches!

Things are hotting up in Heidi’s Halfway Hunches, as we offload the chaff and now have to start sorting the premium wheat from the budget own label variety. History tells us that there’s still plenty of time for a shock elimination, so let’s not count our cha-cha-chickens just yet.

Group 1: one eye on the final – AJ and Kai, John and Johannes, Rose and Giovanni

Group 2: hot on their heel leads – Tilly and Nikita, Sara and Aljaz, Dan and Nadiya (playing their Couple’s Choice Joker, so that’s a free pass)

Group 3: dodging the dance-off – Adam and Katya, Rhys and Nancy, Tom and Amy

What’s interesting about this is how much stronger the women are this year – unless there’s an epic upset, the only male celeb I can imagine winning this year is John Whaite. COME ON LADIES.

We're waltzing into Week 7!

Evening all, and welcome to this week’s Strictly Come Dancing liveblog! By the end of tonight’s show we’ll have crested the Strictly Halfway Hump and it’s all downhill to Christmas. Although very much uphill on the dancing, hopefully.

Tonight’s show kicks off at 6.45pm, and it will be our first show this series where we’re sub-90 minutes on the running time. Only nine couples remain, and we’re blessedly theme-free. I don’t know about you, but I’m excited. Grab snacks and beverages and I’ll see you very shortly!


Heidi Stephens

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