Thursday’s best TV: Riviera; Wife Swap Brexit Special

Julia Stiles stars in a super-rich crime yarn, as an old TV format tests whether leavers and remainers can live together. Plus: The Real Full Monty, 20 years on

Kat and Alfie: Redwater
8pm, BBC1

The dramatic diversion following the dark side of the Moons continues, as Kat reconnects with her long-lost son. As if Dermott’s life hadn’t grown complicated enough already, the revelation that he has a twin sends him on to a collision course with Peter. If nothing else, his continued angst over his chequered history certainly promises an unpredictable edge to baptisms. Plus, Alfie’s concerns over his health grow, as does his desire for redemption. Mark Gibbings-Jones

Britain’s Greatest Invention
8.30pm, BBC2

Dr Hannah Fry and Ant Anstead host this live one-off vote from the Science Museum to determine the nation’s best invention, argued over by the likes of Angela Rippon and Len Goodman. Your seven contenders are: antibiotics, concrete, the fridge, the jet engine, the mobile phone, the steam engine and television. Yes, it would be a bit eye-rollingly meta if the latter won and, anyway, where’s the dear old Thermos flask on that list? Ali Catterall

The Real Full Monty
8.30pm, ITV

To celebrate 20 years since the release of ballsy Brit hit The Full Monty (and, rather more importantly, to raise awareness of male cancers), eight celebrities have agreed to strip at the London Palladium to Tom Jones’s You Can Leave Your Hat On. Led by Alexander Armstrong, and under the tutelage of Diversity’s Ashley Banjo, Harry Judd from McFly, Wayne Sleep and former Olympic swimmer Mark Foster are among those taking to the thong – and good on them, too. Ben Arnold

9pm, Sky Atlantic

After Big Little Lies and The Night Manager, here’s a brand-new series of wealth-porn drama for the likes of us to gawp at. Julia Stiles stars as the Côte d’Azur-based billionaire’s wife, who’s horrified to discover her husband’s secrets. Travel-brochure locations, expensive-looking outfits and an occasional exploding super-yacht give this the feel of Brosnan-era Bond – only this time, it’s from the Bond girl’s point of view. Adrian Lester and Iwan Rheon also star. Ellen E Jones

Wife Swap: Brexit Special
9pm, Channel 4

After an election dominated by our flounce from the EU, the personality-clash show gets debate raging afresh with a one-off special. Essex barmaid Pauline (Leave) spends a week experiencing the home, family and job of Nottinghamshire psychotherapist and Green party councillor Kat (Remain), with Kat moving the other way. Fingers crossed for respectful, informed discussions or, failing that, not too much shouting. Jack Seale

Battling the Bailiffs
10pm, Channel 4

There are few less welcome guests than the bailiff, whether dispatched by the state or a private creditor. This documentary, filmed over nine months, follows a small but determined band who travel the country in their spare time. Led by a 42-year-old boxing trainer, they attempt to assist those on the receiving end of the dreaded knock as they struggle to keep the bailiffs – and indeed the wolf – from the door. Andrew Mueller

First Dates USA
10pm, E4

Reality TV, done well, is a balm to soothe the soul. Hopes are high, then, for this US remake of our own reliably charming restaurant dating series, which has Drew Barrymore as its narrator. But will the format work in the US, where everyone is actually proficient at dating? Tonight’s show – featuring a military veteran seeking an alpha male and a seven-times bridesmaid looking for Mr Right – suggests we may yet find some awkwardness across the pond. Sophie Harris

Click here to see a trailer for Dredd.

Film choice

Dredd (Pete Travis, 2012) Karl Urban stars as the comic-book judge, jury and executioner of Mega-City One, though it could be any bristly chinned, husky-voiced actor behind the forbidding helmet. Still, this is a taut, tough, extremely violent tale, similar to the crunching Indonesian action movie The Raid, with Dredd and rookie judge Olivia Thirlby having to fight their way out of a tower infested with drug-crazed gangsters.

Today’s best live sport

Champions Trophy Cricket 10am, Sky Sports 2. Coverage of the second semi-final at Edgbaston.

Golf: US Open 6pm, Sky Sports 4 The opening day’s play from Erin Hills in Wisconsin.

Hockey: England v China 8pm, BT Sport 2. England host China in Pool A of the men’s hockey world league semi-finals, held at the Lee Valley Hockey and Tennis Centre in London.


Ben Arnold, Ali Catterall, Mark Gibbings-Jones, Sophie Harris, Paul Howlett, Ellen E Jones, Andrew Mueller, Jack Seale

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