Friday’s best TV: Gogglesprogs; Versailles; The Last Leg

The junior TV critics cast an eye over this year’s election campaign. Plus: snatch more laughs from the fallout with Adam Hills and co; and Louis XIV reconsiders all that lovemaking

8pm, Channel 4

The young TV critics return once again to play merry hell with what we think we know about stuff. They’re kids, it’s their job – and, while hoping their folks didn’t let them stay up too late to watch the results rolling in, it’s difficult to think of a more deserving subject for the Gogglesprogs’ merciless scrutiny than our political class, as represented in election coverage. Plus the youngsters try to unravel the mysteries of Mary Berry and Grease. Jonathan Wright

9pm, BBC2

It took a mere £21m budget to bring us this feast of sex and poisoning. Them’s the decadent breaks in the court of Louis XIV, but it could be all-change tonight, as Louis returns to the palace with the feeling that all that energetic lovemaking amid exquisite gold leaf might be affecting his spiritual growth. So where will this leave the temptress Mme Montespan? And what do we make of Philippe’s unexpected concern for Princess Palatine? John Robinson

The Last Leg: Elegtion Special
9pm, Channel 4

Elections, eh? We’ve been burned before by parties that promised the world, beckoned in by beaming frontmen, only to see hope cruelly crushed by hard reality. But never mind, here’s an extended edition of The Last Leg, with Adam Hills, Alex Brooker and Josh Widdicombe sifting through the flotsam of polling day. Guests include Steve Coogan, Brendan Cox and any politicians still willing to appear on camera. Mark Gibbings-Jones

Lethal Weapon
9pm, ITV

Riggs and Murtaugh return, having given way last week to the vastly less entertaining Britain’s Got Talent semi-final. Just as the pair discover that both are patients of in-house therapist Cahill (Jordana Brewster), the shrink becomes the target of a murderous stalker. Who is it? There’s no fat on this story, which flips through a parade of suspects, giving each of them a dynamic or cheekily funny scene before zipping on. Top popcorn-cop japes with a big heart. Jack Seale

BBC4 music Eric Burdon Animals summer of love How Hippies Changed the World
Acid test … Eric Burdon of the Animals considers How Hippies Changed the World. Photograph: BBC/Erica Starling Productions/Steve Read

The Summer of Love: How Hippies Changed the World
9pm, BBC4

“I thought LSD was the answer to the world’s problems.” Eric Burdon wasn’t the only San Francisco resident to voice this notion in 1967. But that singular pop-cultural moment was the culmination of a long, strange trip. This first in a three-part series explores the roots of the summer of love, via Huxley and Crowley, the Black Panthers and Yippies. Many strands fused explosively, leaving traces that linger to this day. Phil Harrison

Isle of Wight Festival 2017
8pm, Sky Arts

This year, for the first time ever, Sky Arts is broadcasting live coverage from Seaclose Park in Ultra HD – which feels a bit incongruous somehow; festivals should look as glazed as the audience, a bit rough and ready, and preferably shot in Mud-cam. However, if you’re keen to scrutinise every wrinkle on Rod Stewart’s face, this is the place to come. Arcade Fire, David Guetta, and the mighty Run-DMC are among the other headliners. Ali Catterall

9pm, Sky1

Life may not be golden in Virginia but the mail-order brides of Sky1’s earthy frontier drama finally have something fun to look forward to: a St John’s Eve feast. Jocelyn sees the party preparations as a chance to suck up to Lady Yeardley while petulant pickpocket Verity expands her thieving spree. For her part, Alice has a special request for anvil-bashing hunk James as gossip spreads that her beastly suitor Henry might still be alive. Graeme Virtue

Click here to watch a trailer for Elysium, starring Matt Damon.

Film choice

Elysium (Neill Blomkamp, 2013. 9pm, 5Star)
Elysium is a space station decked out in five-star luxury for the wealthy, while the poor fester on the polluted Earth below. Matt Damon is miffed Max, who hatches a plan to sneak aboard to have his terminal radiation sickness treated. A pity the clever satirical set-up dissolves into standard mayhem, with Max locked in a running battle with vicious Kruger (played by Sharlto Copley, star of Blomkamp’s smarter sci-fi film, District 9). Paul Howlett

The Raid 2 (Gareth Evans, 2014, 10.45pm, Film4)
Gareth Evans’s 2011 film The Raid was a state-of-the-art exercise in hand-to-hand mayhem – utter carnage in a tower block full of gangsters – but this sequel makes it look like a genteel tea party. The scene is again Jakarta, and the quietly charismatic Indonesian martial arts fighter Iko Uwais returns as young cop Rama, now sent undercover into prison to win the confidence of a crime boss’s son. The action is beautiful and ferociously brutal. Paul Howlett

Live Sport

Champions Trophy Cricket: New Zealand v Bangladesh 10am, Sky Sports 2. A Group A fixture from Cardiff as the competition continues.

Tennis: The French Open 11.30am, ITV4. All the action from Roland Garros including the men’s semi-finals.

Super League Rugby: Salford Red Devils v Hull FC 7.30pm, Sky Sports 2. Coverage of the game at the AJ Bell Stadium.


Ali Catterall, Mark Gibbings-Jones, Phil Harrison, Paul Howlett, John Robinson, Jack Seale, Jonathan Wright

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