Tuesday’s best TV: Westworld; Prison, My Parents & Me

The sci-fi drama edges ever closer to the rise of the machines, while Catey Sexton follows a group of children with imprisoned parents

MasterChef: The Professionals
8pm, BBC2

The three wise judges put another bunch of pros through their slicing, dicing paces, accompanied by the sort of urgent, pounding synth music more befitting an 80s action movie starring Chuck Norris. Trials range from the delicate art of preparing a “fresh, clean, zingy” sea bass ceviche with a crispy skin (“You want to remove as much of the bloodline as possible,” murmurs Monica, sounding like a horror baddie) to perfecting scotch eggs. Ali Catterall

Celebrity Storage Hunters
8pm, Dave

One of the odder minor TV hits of recent years gets a final celebrity makeover, with the likes of Ainsley Harriott and Thomas Turgoose bidding on lock-ups full of junk in the hope of making some money for charity. It should be tedious, but there’s something mesmerising about implausibly fast-talking US auctioneer Sean Kelly, whose patter transcends the workaday surroundings (a shed, basically) and becomes almost lyrical. Phil Harrison

The Secret Life of 4-Year-Olds
8pm, Channel 4

Taysia in The Secret Life of 4 Year Olds
Taysia in The Secret Life of 4-Year-Olds. Photograph: Mark Johnson/Channel 4

The fact this strange programme has returned for a second series suggests that, contrary to common sense, an unfathomable cohort find it remotely interesting. Cameras and child development experts continue to observe the interactions of a group of small children – raising the question of how any of these subjects can have consented in an informed way to the scrutiny. Andrew Mueller

9pm, Sky Atlantic

As compelling as its central premise remains, it’s hard not to feel that Westworld has been spinning its wagon wheels in the past couple of weeks while we wait for the inevitable rise of the machines. To that end, this week promises a few major developments as Maeve explores her growing sentience, Dolores and William venture into dangerous terrain and Bernard considers what to do about the high-level espionage going on in the park. Gwilym Mumford

The Choir: Gareth’s Best In Britain
9pm, BBC2

Choir czar Gareth Malone continues his quest to discover the choral cream of Britain. Tonight’s heat brings Gareth back to familiar turf as the contest reaches south-west England. There’s plenty to see on his trip home, including a Bristol sea-shanty band, a Guernsey church choir and a group of farmers swapping tractors for tessitura. One choir will reach the national final, but not before a special homecoming performance. Mark Gibbings-Jones

Medical Mysteries: The Incredible Shaking Woman
10pm, Channel 5

This recurring documentary strand might not be able to resist a tabloid-friendly subtitle, but the stories it spotlights – people suffering from conditions that leave medics baffled – are often moving. Fun-loving fresher Alicia was forced to return home from uni after her body began to convulse involuntarily. While doctors tried to parse her symptoms, it was left to her family to support her through a hideously uncertain time. Graeme Virtue

Prison, My Parents & Me
10.45pm, BBC1

There’s often little support for children with parents behind bars, exacerbating an already confusing, lonely and stigmatising situation. Following some of these children and one of the few charities supporting them, PSS, Catey Sexton’s doc, which is affiliated with Children in Need, strongly suggests we should be doing more. A tough watch, but revealing for the way its young subjects so clearly articulate their thoughts. Jonathan Wright

Film choices

First Blood (Ted Kotcheff, 1982) 10pm, ITV4
Introducing Rambo, the former Green Beret who goes bonkers after being knocked about by the redneck sheriff’s men in a bad little midwest town. Busting out of jail and into the woods, he plays cat and mouse with the National Guard before a showdown with tough sheriff Brian Dennehy. Sly Stallone basically shifts Rocky out of the ring for a little outdoor exercise, and creates a memorable screen hero. Paul Howlett

Nowhere Boy (Sam Taylor-Wood, 2009), 1.30am Wednesday, Film4
Take a trot down Penny Lane in this rock’n’roll biopic of the young John Lennon, which is more a gritty drama of working-class Liverpool life. Taylor-Wood’s then boyfriend Aaron Johnson plays the angry young Lennon, tugged between his flighty, needy mum (Anne-Marie Duff) and the indomitable Aunt Mimi, who actually brought him up, played with primly restrained fury by Kristin Scott Thomas. It’s a captivating, moving story. PH

The Belly of an Architect (Peter Greenaway, 1987), 1.20am, Film4
Brian Dennehy is architect Stourley Kracklite, who travels to Rome with his pregnant wife Louisa (Chloe Webb) to supervise an exhibition about obscure, 18th-century French architect Etienne-Louis Boullée. However, excruciating pains in his distended belly lead him to suspect she is poisoning him and having an affair with the devious Caspasian (Lambert Wilson). Greenaway explores themes of birth, death, corruption and betrayal with playfulness, and almost every elaborate, beautifully composed scene is a tribute to the architectural glory of Rome. PH

Live sport

Tennis: ATP World Tour finals, 2pm, BBC2
Sue Barker presents coverage from day three in London.

International football: England v Spain, 7.30pm, ITV
Gareth Southgate takes charge of the final game of his stint as England caretaker manager.

Basketball: Kentucky v Michigan, midnight Wednesday, BT Sport/ESPN
Action from the Champions Classic fixture, which comes from Madison Square Garden.


Ali Catterall, Andrew Mueller, Phil Harrison, Gwilym Mumford, Mark Gibbings-Jones, Graeme Virtue, Jonathan Wright and Paul Howlett

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