Thursday’s best TV: Peaky Blinders; The Americans; Donnie Darko

Tommy fears being outgunned in the gangster caper; two Soviet spies must explain their double lives to their daughter; and Jake Gyllenhaal shines in his breakthough role

Living With Dementia: Chris’s Story

8pm, BBC1

After being diagnosed with young-onset vascular dementia and Alzheimer’s disease in his early 50s, Welsh businessman Chris Roberts became a blogger and activist determined to raise awareness of the condition. Filmed over the course of almost two years, this documentary zeros in on the day-to-day reality of living with Alzheimer’s as Roberts, his wife and their youngest daughter try to adjust to their new circumstances. Graeme Virtue

The Truth About Healthy Eating

9pm, BBC1

This series of The Truth About … has been expertly handled, especially Angela Rippon’s investigation of dementia. Now the team are stripping back the myths around healthy eating, of which there are many. With so much conflicting advice doing the rounds, they will have plenty to keep them busy, so get ready to find out whether fat, sugar or quinoa is the real enemy when it comes to staying healthy. Hannah Verdier

Peaky Blinders

9pm, BBC2

This week, the Russians employ a decidedly unusual recruitment process, leading Tommy to suspect he’s in danger of being outgunned. Elsewhere, with life on the wrong side of the law a lot more alluring than remaining on the straight and narrow, Michael might just embrace the darkness. Plus, there’s the return of Alfie Solomons (Tom Hardy) and his unusual turns of phrase. “Your head is like some sort of smashed vase stuck back together by a horse,” he says to Shelby. Mark Gibbings-Jones

The Americans

9pm, ITV Encore

It’s a shame The Americans – an edgy espionage drama set in the Reagan era that has much to say about how we got to now – has never quite found a UK audience. Perhaps its cultural references don’t carry. Newbies, do us a favour: think about it for your next box set. Broadcast-wise, we’re early in series four, and Soviet agents Philip and Elizabeth are trying to cope with daughter Paige learning about their double lives. Jonathan Wright

Dan Cruickshank: At Home With the British
9pm, BBC4

Dan Cruickshank’s treatise on the British home ends by considering the emergence of the flat. After two million homes were destroyed by the Luftwaffe, and swaths of terraced slums were levelled, a bold experiment was undertaken to create utilitarian homes. Cruickshank visits the tower blocks of the Lincoln estate in Bromley-by-Bow, east London, to see how they worked, and how they were received by their new residents. Ben Arnold

New Girl
9pm, E4

With Jess’s quirky routine far from new after four series, it’s a relief to see series five’s premiere focus more on Schmidt and Cece than its titular character’s own much-laboured kookiness. Jess (Zooey Deschanel) organises an engagement party for the pair, not realising that Cece’s mum has no idea about the relationship. Cue a frantic attempt to get Mrs Parekh to give the union her blessing, via the power of dance. Hannah J Davies

Going Forward
10pm, BBC4

“I’m just going to empty your catheters: who wants to go first?” It’s the concluding part of this wonderfully tough comedy, as Kim confronts outsourced care providers Buccaneer 2000, along with a familiar old face from the hospital. Meanwhile, son Ryan returns to live at home to save some cash, although his contribution to the family meal – Chicken Alaska – isn’t the best (“Salmonella in the middle bit, carcinogenic on the outside”). There’s a showdown with Jackie, too. Ali Catterall

Film choice

Le Week-End (Roger Michell, 2013), 9pm, Channel 4
A pair of sixtysomethings take the Eurostar to Paris to celebrate their 30th wedding anniversary and desperately attempt to rekindle a faltering relationship. For schoolteacher Meg (Lindsay Duncan) and philosophy lecturer Nick (Jim Broadbent), a weekend in the capital of romance is a prickly proposition, veering between jollity and melancholy. Frailties of age loom and the appearance of Nick’s old university chum turned star academic Morgan (Jeff Goldblum) tests the marital faultlines. Still, the couple amuse, attract and irritate each other. Paul Howlett

Donnie Darko (Richard Kelly, 2001), 10.45pm, Horror Channel
This tale of an angsty, smalltown youngster (Jake Gyllenhaal), a Harvey-like 6ft rabbit and a jet engine that crashes through the roof of the family home is a brilliantly innovative slice of sci-fi that became a cult hit. Did the engine fall from the sky or through a space-time wormhole? Are Donnie’s visions – and warning of apocalypse – real or hallucinatory? It’s all a mystery in this darkly funny comedy. PH

Live sport

Tennis: The French Open More Grand Slam action as the women’s semi-finals begin. 11am, ITV4
T20 Blast cricket: Worcestershire Rapids v Yorkshire Vikings Another bout of short-form action from New Road, Worcester. 5pm, Sky Sports 2
International football: England v Portugal England’s final friendly before Euro 2016 looks like a testing one. 7.30pm, ITV


Graeme Virtue, Hannah Verdier, Mark Gibbings-Jones, Jonathan Wright, Ben Arnold, Hannah J Davies, Ali Catterall, Paul Howlett

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