Friday’s best TV: Noel Edmonds, Judi Dench and Delicious

The Swap Shop host’s one-off live show strikes a nostalgic chord, while Dench’s glittering career is profiled in a thoroughly entertaining retrospective. Plus, Sky cooks up a soapy drama starring Dawn French and Emilia Fox

Noel’s Sell Or Swap Live

7pm, Channel 4

Last auction hero: the recent shuttering of Deal Or No Deal means freelance ringmaster Noel Edmonds suddenly has a lot more time on his hands. He must be hoping that this one-off live show – in which both viewers and studio audience bid on unwanted items with intriguing backstories – will strike a nostalgic chord with that vast demographic who still have the Multi-Coloured Swap Shop phone number burned on their brains. Graeme Virtue

Judi Dench: All The World’s Her Stage
8pm, BBC2

The actor is held in such high regard and is such an admired staple of Britishness that it’s practically a legal duty to strike any who besmirch her name across the face with a glove. Here, the likes of Billy Connolly, Harvey Weinstein, her Bond co-star Daniel Craig, Ian McKellen and a gaggle of other screen luminaries discuss Dame Judi Dench’s glittering career in a thoroughly entertaining, and richly deserved, retrospective. Luke Holland

Jamie And Jimmy’s Friday Night Feast
8pm, Channel 4

Oliver and Doherty return to Southend-on-Sea for another cosy magazine show. Comedian John Bishop joins them for a celebrity cooking lesson, making a lasagne for the lads’ studio audience, and Jimmy’s weekly, overly ambitious DIY project is something we’ve all considered at one point – building a log hive. Meanwhile, this season’s “food fight” mission sees Jamie up to his old tricks again, telling the nation how to feed its kids. Grace Rahman

Modern Family
8.30pm, Sky1

The sharp-tongued but big-hearted US sitcom returns for an eighth season with its three clans scattered to the wind. In rural Missouri, Cam stages a vigil at his dying grandmother’s bedside while Mitchell maintains his jogging regime. In Mexico, a Delgado family wedding threatens to impede Jay’s search for the perfect Father’s Day sausage. And in New York, the Dunphys play out a very old-fashioned door-slamming farce, with added David Blaine jokes. GV

9pm, Sky1

Dawn French in Delicious.
Dawn French in Delicious. Photograph: Sky TV

Sky likes its homegrown dramas soapy. This new one – about a top chef (Iain Glen) whose ex-wife (Dawn French) is the real culinary genius, and whose new wife (Emilia Fox) correctly suspects he is adulterous – pipes melodrama into a Sunday supplement world of fussy interiors and vistas from the posh end of Cornwall. The cast looks unsure whether to go with icy archness or warm ham; a tonal curdle that might, with luck, be resolved by the opening episode’s board-flip ending. Jack Seale

2016: A Year In The Life Of A Year
10pm, BBC4

This year would have provided rich pickings for satire if only it hadn’t been so hopelessly tragic. The cruel and relentless spate of celebrity deaths hasn’t helped much, either. Still, Rhys Thomas, co-creator of 2014 mock docum The Life Of Rock With Brian Pern, is as qualified as anyone to have a crack. In this show, he seamlessly re-edits film and TV footage from 2016 to create an alternative and welcome take on a wretched annus. David Stubbs

Dara O Briain: Crowd Tickler
10.30pm, BBC2

The Mock The Week host (by his own admission, often tragically mistaken for Al Murray) brings his brand of breathless, roaming gag-making to the Hammersmith Apollo. This 2015 set touches on subjects including “the useless and incredibly specific” item of clothing that are stockings (why do men like a woman who “looks like she’s been partially dipped in ink”?), pole-dancing, and the sudden, mysterious rise of pulled pork. Ali Catterall

Film choice

84 Charing Cross Road (David Jones, 1987) 12noon, BBC2

The true story of a spiky New York writer and an antiquarian bookseller, whose literary correspondence develops into a warm relationship. Anne Bancroft is Helene Hanff, who wrote a book about the wistful postwar affair; Anthony Hopkins is the bookseller, Frank Doel – both too good to fall into brash American/diffident Englishman stereotypes – while Judi Dench is Doel’s wife, Nora. Paul Howlett

Gladiator (Ridley Scott, 2000) 9pm, Film4

“Are you not entertained?” shouts Russell Crowe’s gladiator after carving up a bunch of adversaries in the arena, and we certainly are. Scott’s stunning computer-generated recreation of imperial Rome reinvented a dormant genre. It’s a full-blooded epic, full of fiery war and crunching combat, but pumped up with political intrigue and undying love, too. Crowe’s Maximus is a rock-solid hero, matched by Joaquin Phoenix as the ruthless but needy emperor Commodus. PH

Strictly Ballroom (Baz Luhrmann, 1991) 10.30pm, BBC4

Luhrmann starts out in near-documentary style here, before sweeping everyone off their feet with dazzling comic swirls. Paul Mercurio is quickstepping Scott, who aims to be beau of the ballroom with some daring improvisations. Wallflower-novice Fran (Tara Morice) agrees to tango (well, flamenco) in this exuberant, sequin-scattered Aussie comedy. PH

The Omen (Richard Donner, 1976) 2am, Channel 4

When people call young Damien a little devil, they ain’t kidding: the adopted son of US ambassador Gregory Peck and Lee Remick is the son of Satan. Quality horror, this: scary without overt gore, the hair-raising Ave Satani screeching away in the background and a cast that takes it seriously. Far better than the pointless 06/06/06 remake. PH

Live sport

World Tennis Championship Includes world No 1 Andy Murray’s first match of the new season, on day two from Abu Dhabi.10.30am, Eurosport 2

Premiership Rugby Union: Newcastle Falcons v Wasps Coverage of the latest league match (kick-off 7.45pm). 7pm, BT Sport 1

Scottish Premiership Football: Hearts v Aberdeen At Tynecastle (kick-off 7.45pm). 7.30pm, BT Sport 2


Graeme Virtue, Luke Holland, Grace Rahman, Jack Seale, David Stubbs, Ali Catterall, Paul Howlett

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