Summer Camp's favourite TV

The high-concept electropop duo reveal their TV zingers and zeros

Unmissable show?

Elizabeth Sankey We are both a bit obsessed with True Detective.

Jeremy Warmsley It draws you in so brilliantly, with all that mystery and stuff to puzzle through.

Elizabeth People keep asking "Have you seen this bit?", and we go, "Shush! No spoilers!"

Bring back…

Jeremy This isn't a very cool thing to say, but I would like to see a good new Star Trek. The new films are great, but they've kind of taken it off in a different direction to the philosophical, thoughtful way they used to go about it, and I wish they'd get back to that a little bit.

TV turn off?

Jeremy The fact that the main thing in every crime or horror-based show is violence against women.It would be nice to have some different crimes in there.

Elizabeth I get a bit annoyed by the endless boobs in TV shows. There's never any male nudity, which I don't particularly want to see either, but I'd kind of like to see more balance. Men in TV shows are never naked when they have sex. Always wearing a shirt, but the woman's got her bum out.

Earliest TV memory?

Elizabeth Watching Lovejoy. I remember one week I didn't go straight to bed afterwards and so wasn't allowed to watch it the next week. It was heart-wrenching. I was six.

Jeremy I remember watching a cartoon that had dinosaurs, but in the future with laser guns. [We think Jeremy might be referring to Dinosaucers - Ed]. The triceratops were the policemen. I thought that was the coolest thing ever.

Dream panel show lineup?

Elizabeth Morrissey! I actually think he's a bit of an idiot, but I'd love to see him in that situation. And Kate Moss. I'd love to see how she handles it, because she's so quiet. I think that's part of why she's such an idol, because she doesn't actually say much.

Jeremy Tom Waits.

Elizabeth Oh, and Celine Dion would be great. She's batshit.

Summer Camp headline the Club Attitude gig at Islington Assembly Hall, N1, 26 Mar


Gwilym Mumford

The GuardianTramp

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