TV highlights 08/06/2012

Match Of The Day Live; Euro 2012 Live | Alan Carr Summertime Specstacular | Punk Britannia | Episodes | Dexter | 30 Rock

Match Of The Day Live; Euro 2012 Live
4.15pm, BBC1; 7.15pm, ITV1

And so a summer of international sporting derring-do kicks off with the humdinger that is … Poland v Greece. As you'll recall – unless you dozed off during the final – the Greeks bored their way to victory in the 2004 tournament. Co-hosts Poland, meanwhile, haven't played a competitive game for two years. The last match between these two, in March 2011, ended 0-0. Gary Lineker has the unenviable task of making this encounter sound exciting. Later, on ITV1, Adrian Chiles sinks his teeth into the more appetising prospect of Russia v the Czech Republic. Sam Richards

Alan Carr Summertime Specstacular
9pm, Channel 4

It's a two-hour live show presented by a "national treasure", with "national treasure" guests, celebrating our "national treasures". If you're already getting jaded by this summer's incessant wheeling out of forgotten athletes and coronation chicken, this is probably not for you. Carr will be joined by David Walliams, the cast of Made In Chelsea and, er, Justin Bieber. They'll compete to prove how game for a laugh they are in a series of sketches and turns. Clare Considine

Punk Britannia
9pm, BBC4

This week, the series moves towards 1976-78, when punk created moral panic in a Britain lost in a torpor of "browns and oranges", as John Cooper Clarke puts it. John Lydon, who's never really stopped snarling, is among those recounting the rise of the Sex Pistols. Punks faced opposition, often violent, from rival Teddy Boys, the police and Welsh religious zealots alike. But these years also saw the emergence of characters like Siouxsie Sioux and the late Poly Styrene, celebrated in an excellent Arena documentary which follows at 11.30pm. David Stubbs

10pm, BBC2

In an offering with a whiff of mid-season drift about it, the (mis)adventures of the team behind Pucks! continue. For Carol, this means being assertive and insisting that Merc marks the fifth anniversary of the couple's affair. A weekend away beckons, good news for Merc's wife Jamie as she and Matt LeBlanc plan "48 hours of the dirty stuff". Elsewhere, Sean's Facebook ineptitude brings Matt's stalker, the improbably named Labia, back into the actor's orbit. Jonathan Wright

10pm, FX

It seems like the producers of Dexter have given up on even trying to play fair and instead are concentrating on throwing as much nonsense on to the screen as possible, assuming that this will confuse and distract the viewers enough for this dud of a season to limp across the finish line. But almost every bold move they make is immediately undone by a huge plot hole, such as the manner in which Dexter saves the day tonight. He lays himself wide open to discovery yet this is never seized upon. Still, on the plus side, it's nearly over. Phelim O'Neill

30 Rock
10.30pm, Comedy Central

Not so much a sitcom, more a 22-minute peg for still-impressively waspish one-liners, 30 Rock moves towards its season mid-point with a rematch between Jack and his teen nemesis Kaylie Hooper (Chloë Moretz), who helped cause a national incident on the final of America's Kidz Got Singing. Elsewhere, the still-ghastly Jenna tries to boost her public popularity by becoming a mother. Liz, as ever, offers her full support. "Adoption? That child is better off in Somalia. It could be a pirate. Or a warlord's concubine." John Robinson


Sam Richards, Clare Considine, David Stubbs, Jonathan Wright, Phelim O'Neill and John Robinson

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