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Can Hawaii reset its stressed out tourism industry after the pandemic?
The islands has been feeling the weight of a tourism industry that has ballooned to what many believe is beyond the islands’ capacity

Lauren Aratani in Honolulu

21, Jun, 2021 @9:00 AM

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Hawaii becomes first US state to ban sunscreens harmful to coral reefs
In a bid to protect its marine environment, Hawaii has passed a bill banning sunscreens using oxybenzone and octinoxate, chemicals seen as having ‘significant harmful impacts’ on ecosystems

Will Coldwell and agencies

03, May, 2018 @12:45 PM

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An insider's cultural guide to Hilo: coqui frogs, hula and tropical rain
Along with the night-time chirps of the ubiquitous coqui frogs, Hawaii’s third-biggest city sounds like tropical rainfall. Hilo’s rain is warm, and the sun comes out between showers to keep its lush, vibrant flowers blooming

Leslie Lang

30, Nov, 2015 @3:58 PM

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New band of the week: Khruangbin (No 70)
This Texan band are obsessed with Thai funk, crafting hypnotic, spacious, drifting soul music with a cinematic dreaminess

Paul Lester

11, Sep, 2015 @3:36 PM

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Books about Honolulu: readers' picks
The Hawaiian state capital offers literary gems galore. Whether you’re heading there or just want to add some tropical flair to your library, here are our readers’ recommendations

Marta Bausells

18, Jun, 2015 @4:50 PM

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Reading American cities: books about Honolulu
The most un-American of all American cities is bathed in literary culture. Anisse Gross investigates Hawaiian detective novels and alerts us to stories of Pearl Harbor, examines Hawaii’s oral tradition and sifts through the many writers who spent time on its sands – from marathon correspondent Hunter S Thompson to novice surfer Mark Twain

Anisse Gross

12, Jun, 2015 @6:00 PM

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Las Vegas joins the destinations offering same-sex weddings
Romantic escapes such as Hawaii, Paris and Brazil are also accessible now, as the world opens up to LGBT travel, says Will Coldwell

Will Coldwell

08, Nov, 2014 @6:59 AM

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Top 10 national and state parks in Hawaii
Every magical thing you’ve ever heard about Hawaii is true: these eight volcanic islands in the middle of the Pacific Ocean are a tropical paradise, a geological marvel and an ecological treasure. Mary Caperton Morton explores them

Mary Caperton Morton

15, Aug, 2014 @6:00 AM

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Hawaii's hot spot: viewing the Kilauea volcano

Hawaii's volcanoes attracted tourists long before its beaches and surf. And the sight of lava spewing out of active Kilauea certainly puts the island's more conventional pursuits in the shade, says Alex Barasch

Alex Barasch

21, Feb, 2014 @9:00 PM

Freediving: the magic of exploring the ocean on a single breath

'Magical, mystical, zen-like ...' is how Australian freediver Christina Saenz de Santamaria describes the experience of diving to depths of up to 82m on a single breath. Scroll through these amazing photographs of her free diving in Mexico and Hawaii

Eusebio and Christina Saenz de Santamaria

08, Jul, 2013 @1:50 AM

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On location: film-themed holidays

Star struck? Take a holiday where you can visit the scenery and locations of new, restored and upcoming film releases

Rachel Dixon

17, May, 2013 @7:59 PM

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Weatherwatch: The 'Pineapple express' flows from Hawaii to the US
David Hambling explores the dynamics of the atmospheric river

David Hambling

29, Nov, 2011 @10:30 PM

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