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Martin Luther King anniversary: the US Civil Rights Trail
Half a century on from the assassination of Martin Luther King, novelist Dolen Perkins-Valdez takes a moving trip on the newly opened trail, from the great man’s birthplace to the site of his death in Memphis

Dolen Perkins-Valdez

31, Mar, 2018 @6:40 AM

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Reading American cities: books about Atlanta
The literature of Atlanta reflects a history steeped in violence and racial tension. From Gone with the Wind to The Walking Dead, Anna Schachner explores the essential literary companions for the Georgian capital

Anna Schachner in Atlanta

16, Jul, 2015 @4:36 PM

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A guide to Atlanta for entrepreneurs: where to eat, drink and network
The Southern city has lots to offer. Local businesswoman Lindsay Trinkle offers an insider’s guide for visiting entrepreneurs with tips on where to work, play and make contacts

Lindsay Trinkle

27, Feb, 2015 @7:30 AM

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Streetcars of desire: why are American cities obsessed with building trams?
In the arms race of urban transit, streetcars are back in favour. Sean Marshall does a grand tour of Detroit, Cincinnati, Atlanta and Tampa to find out why

Sean Marshall

20, Feb, 2015 @8:00 AM

How Atlanta, Georgia, became America's hip-hop capital – video

We explore Atlanta's music scene with local DJs Speakerfoxxx and Karl Injex and graffiti artist Dr Dax, one of the original members of Outkast's crew

Dave Foulkes, Alex Rees, Caterina Monzani and Michael Tait

28, Apr, 2014 @10:48 AM

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Top 10 hotels and B&Bs in Atlanta

Accommodation in Atlanta ranges from downtown hotels close to the major tourist attractions to B&Bs that allow you to take in the distinctive style and history of the city's neighbourhoods, says Tray Butler

Tray Butler

18, Mar, 2014 @2:31 PM

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Gone with the Wind trail: the top 10 sights in Atlanta

Lee Howard makes an Atlanta pilgrimage of epic proportions to take in the sights of the movie Gone with the Wind, which celebrates its 75th birthday this year

Lee Howard

18, Mar, 2014 @2:00 PM

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Top 10 independent shops in Atlanta

Whether you're looking for old vinyl, vintage boots, retro clothing or classic sportswear, Atlanta has a good range of smaller outlets, says Muriel Vega

Muriel Vega

18, Mar, 2014 @2:00 PM

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Top 10 outdoor attractions in Atlanta

Atlanta can be very hot, but it's outdoor attractions are pretty cool. Here are Debbie Michaud's picks of the city's best parks, scenic walks and architectural high point

Debbie Michaud

18, Mar, 2014 @2:00 PM

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Top 10 restaurants and diners in Atlanta

Atlanta's restaurants and diners naturally turn out all the delicious southern classics, but there's also a good mix of other cuisines here, says city food critic Bill Addison

Bill Addison

18, Mar, 2014 @1:55 PM

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Top 10 bars and clubs in Atlanta

Atlanta's buzzing nightlife scene offers an eclectic mix of gin dens, underground lounges, gastropubs and dive bars, writes Tray Butler

Tray Butler

18, Mar, 2014 @1:53 PM

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Top 10 galleries, art attractions and events in Atlanta

From cutting-edge street art to community-inspired and public-transport projects, the arts scene in Atlanta is thriving. Here's Caroline Cox's pick of the best spaces and events in the city

Caroline Cox

18, Mar, 2014 @1:50 PM

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