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I much enjoyed your comprehensive article about the Channel tunnel (Report, 24 October). What it failed to mention, however, is that the primary financer of the tunnel, and coordinator of the banking consortium, was the European Investment Bank, of which the UK will cease to be a shareholder, and therefore no longer eligible for EIB investment finance, when/if it leaves the EU.
Brian Unwin
President EIB (1993-2000)

• Re the long read (Attenborough’s Way, 22 October), I was one of many who found the background score in his recent series highly irritating and intrusive. It was instructive to turn off the sound and rely on subtitles. While this made it bearable to watch, it highlighted the paucity of information content. Indeed I remember having to check the system was still working during extended periods with no subtitles. Sadly his shows have become just “gee wizz spectacle”: amazing to look at, but lacking any depth. When you compare this with the Ascent of Man, or the (original) Civilisation series you realise the amount of dumbing down involved.
Alan Fox

• As another in Chris Seidel’s “obituary belt” (Letters, 22 October), I begin to see the attractions of Pascal’s wager. I just can’t bring myself to bet my life on it.
Alec Sandison
Ottery St Mary, Devon

• Many visitors to Edinburgh hotels, presumably unaware of the local and national papers, were more than a little surprised to be asked if they wanted a Scotsman delivered to their room in the morning (Letters, 25 October).
Ian McEwan

• Dick Curtis (Letters, 24 October) wonders if Dubliners actually want James Joyce’s ashes. Their ambivalent attitude might be indicated by the fact that they have erected a fine statue of him in North Earl Street, which is referred to locally as “the prick with the stick” or “the prat with the hat”.
Mick Sheahan
Poitiers, France

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