Me and my travels: Jayne Torvill, ice skater

Jayne Torvill, ice skater

My best holiday was ...

When I went to Dubai a couple of years ago with my good friend Andrina. The weather was superb and I thought the food was great. Some people find Dubai a bit tacky, but I think that's rather unfair.

My worst holiday was ...

To Hawaii. I went there a few years ago with my husband. We visited three islands, saving Oahu for last. We were really looking forward to it but turned up at our hotel to discover that the lobby was being renovated - it was so noisy.

My favourite city is ...

Sydney, because it seems to have everything and the people are incredibly friendly. I stayed in Woollahra, a nice upmarket suburb, and even climbed the Harbour Bridge. You've got to be pretty brave, and it's probably not a good idea if you're afraid of heights.

London is a great city ...

For walking. The landmark sights are quite close together and it's quicker than public transport.

My ideal travelling partner is ...

My friend Andrina, especially if we're going on a sun, sea and sand break, as my husband hates them. He prefers sightseeing and learning about history, although he did enjoy Disney World.

My first holiday was ...

Such an adventure. I went to Spain aged 12 with my parents and it was all very exciting and strange to hear a different language.

My last holiday was ...

To Disney World in Florida with my family. I gave the rollercoasters a miss though, and left those to my husband and son. My daughter and I did pluck up the courage to go on the Nemo ride though.

Seeing an active volcano up close ...

Was pretty incredible. My husband and I went to Kilauea, the world's most active, on Big Island in Hawaii. We drove around it and hiked it, too.

My idea of paradise is ...

The Whitsunday Islands in Queensland, Australia. The water was so clear and it looked as if nobody had ever been there.

I often travel solo ...

So usually take a book with me. I recently bought Paul O'Grady's autobiography, which made me laugh out loud.

I'm a good flier but ...

Once, coming back from Boston, I experienced a really bad landing. It was incredibly windy, with so much turbulence, and the plane was almost on its side as we landed.

I always bring back ...

All the lovely products that you find in hotel bathrooms, and the airline amenity kit often finds its way into my bag, too.

I'm forever by the ice ...

So I naturally prefer hot climates.

My next trip is to ...

Chicago in June. My husband has family there so we're going to visit them. The museums are great and there are plenty of places to shop.

• Jayne Torvill stars in Dancing On Ice, starting tonight, ITV1, 7pm.

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