Me and my travels: Kate Nash, singer

Kate Nash, singer, on overpacking, the Eiffel Tower and travelling economy

My most memorable trip was...

To Japan. Everything felt so foreign and I felt really far away from home. We went to the restaurant where Kill Bill was filmed and then rented a room in a karaoke bar. I didn't check to see if any of my songs were on the list and ended up singing a Meatloaf track.

My first long-haul trip was...

To New York with my family. I was so impressed with it - everything was bigger, wider and more exotic.

My idea of paradise is...

Being with people I love wherever I am. New Zealand is the most naturally beautiful place on earth, so fresh and wild and quiet.

My last holiday was...

To Mexico where my boyfriend [Ryan Jarman, guitarist and vocalist with The Cribs] was playing a gig. It was Independence Day when we visited Xochimilco and there were loads of colourful boats sailing down the river, with huge parties taking place on board. Boats kept coming up to ours - some sold rugs while others had musicians on them playing traditional tunes.

My ideal travelling partner is...

Elliot, my drummer. He's really awkward and we always get into weird situations. He likes to get drunk and argue with people and he's a real foodie, so it's fine dining every night.

My worst holiday was...

Going to Newquay aged 17 with some pals. Everyone started hating each other, and there were arguments over the dumbest things.

My favourite city is...

Paris. It gets my imagination going. There are always exhibitions and bars to visit, and I love sitting on the grass under the Eiffel Tower.

I always pack...

Everything! Including all four of my cameras - I love photography and they're each good for different things.

I always bring back...

All my boarding passes and backstage passes from gigs so I can stick them in a scrapbook with pictures and flyers and other things I pick up.

My favourite mode of transport is...

On foot. Strolling through Tokyo was especially good - there were massive comic-book shops and plastic models of food in restaurant windows, and so many different smells - you'd miss all that in a car.

The best place I've ever stayed is...

The Hilton hotel in Paris. It's very glam. We used to stay in Travelodges and they're fine but not exactly glamorous.

Travelling first class is...

Wasteful, so I travel economy. When Ryan and I flew to Mexico we weren't sitting together so I asked a lady if she'd swap. She said, 'Fine - because you're Kate Nash I'll let you off.'

• Kate Nash took part in last week's national MySpace School Invasions competition.

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