Me and my travels: James Morrison, singer

James Morrison, singer

My first holiday was ...

Going to Italy when I was about six. It was meant to be a holiday but we ended up living there for three months, which was really cool. My mum was studying Italian at university and knew some people who lived on a farm, so that's where we stayed. I can't remember exactly where it was, but it was very rural and full of apple and plum trees. We had to walk a couple of miles to get milk.

My idea of paradise is ...

Scotland. I went there not so long ago and stayed in a caravan by Loch Lomond. We were surrounded by mountains and spent our time fishing and walking - it was beautiful, like being in one of those tourist board adverts.

My ideal travelling partner is ...

Either my girlfriend, my brother or my sister - I've had great holidays with all of them. Although my girlfriend can be quite impatient with people being slow - she gets very wound up by people who take ages to get off a plane - so I often have to tell her to calm down.

My worst holiday was ...

Driving through France with my mum and her boyfriend at the time, who was a nice guy but really boring and tight with money. I remember sitting in the car, getting really excited about seeing the Eiffel Tower and then all we did was drive past it. He was like, 'There it is.' Seeing it through a car window for a few seconds wasn't that enjoyable.

Five-star hotels are great, but ...

Sometimes camping trips are exactly what you need to get back to basics - sleeping in a tent, cooking sausages and making tea. It's really grounding. I went on a camping trip recently with my brother and sister by the sea in France, and I just remember us walking a lot and having a real laugh.

I always pack ...

My iPod. I like a bit of everything really - Stevie Wonder, reggae. I always take little speakers, too.

I always bring back ...

Clothes that I'm never going to wear again. I bought a brown leather cowboy hat in Colorado, which cost about $30. I wore it to dinner one night and when I saw the photos I thought, 'What was I thinking?' I've not worn it since.

My most memorable meal was ...

In Hawaii. My girlfriend and I went to Maui and ate fresh mussels by candlelight right by the beach - the tide was coming in, there was a full moon and loads of hermit crabs scuttling around on the beach beside us.

My favourite city is ...

Tokyo - because it's so different from anywhere else. We were there for Halloween, so my keyboard player and I got these revealing dog costumes that left little to the imagination and went out drinking. We got talking to a couple of Power Rangers and a robot over tequilas at the bar.

I was disappointed with ...

Denver. It was so barren you could almost see the tumbleweed rolling through the streets. There was nothing there except a snooker hall about a mile away. When we walked in everyone stared at us as if we were aliens.

I would like to go to ...

India, to travel around and find myself. My sister lived there for a while and she's told me so many stories that make it sound incredibly soulful and colourful. I'm quite a spiritual person so that really appeals. Maybe I'll come home playing the tabla (drum).

• James Morrison's new single, Broken Strings, featuring Nelly Furtado, is out tomorrow

Interview by Nick Boulos

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