Me and my travels: Boris Johnson

Boris Johnson, mayoral candidate

I never travel without ...
A cigar in my wash bag. It has been there for some time now and I somehow never get round to smoking it. I now daren't take it out, just in case it has brought me luck in my travels so far.

My top travel tip is ...
Don't eat the cooked bit of the airline breakfast. It does something funny to your blood pressure. Another tip is to appreciate your own city. Don't be sad to come home after a fantastic holiday. The best feeling in the world is to walk through your front door and slump on the sofa. There's nowhere like home.

The weirdest place I've ever been recognised was in ...
Las Vegas. I was approached by someone who assured me that I had played rugby for the Dorking 2nd XV.

My idea of paradise is ...
A beach, a bottle of wine, a snooze and a swim. The feeling for a minute that time has stood still - long enough for you to have a good think. A decent book is also high on my list of priorities. I particularly love Sardinia, where you can have all of the above for not much money.

I always bring back ...
Mugs. I collect mugs and get all jumpy if I am in the departure lounge without a mug from the country or city concerned. I'm not sure why, as I only ever drink out of one at a time.

My most memorable meal was in ...
London, restaurant capital of the world. My favourite restaurant is my local, a Turkish place called Pasha on Upper Street in Islington. They are friendly guys serving fresh food. When the wife and I get a minute to ourselves, it's the perfect hideout.

I've always wanted to visit ...
Iran. I am a sucker for sun-bleached ruins and ancient edifices and think I could happily spend a week picking through Persepolis.

On the campaign trail ...
I've been able to really explore London, travelling from Hillingdon to Harrow, Barnet to Bexley. I love the diversity this city has to offer - and only when you travel around these areas do you understand what makes them tick. I would recommend it to anyone - take a day off and abuse your Travelcard to the max.

The thing I hate about travel is ...
Heathrow. It's time we sorted out this national disgrace. We cannot have a situation where chaos is the first thing that greets visitors to London. Surely we can do so much better?

My pre-travel ritual is ...
Packing my paints and my Pelican book of Greek verse.

My worst holiday ever was ...
A Club Med skiing holiday. In a hotly contested field of bad holidays the worst has to have been that trip to La Plagne, where I fell ill and bust my thumb.

My favourite walk is ...
Anywhere in London in April - I love this time of year. One day it's bucketing down and the next it's time to dust off the picnic basket.

My favourite view is ...
The view from Primrose Hill in north London. No matter how many times I visit and look out over the city I never get bored of the view.

· Boris Johnson is the Conservative candidate in the London mayoral election on 1 May. See


Carl Wilkinson

The GuardianTramp

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