Me and my travels: Ronald Warwick, Master of the QM2

Commodore Ronald Warwick, Master of the QM2

My favourite port is ...
New York. It's very exciting to enter by ship because of the man-made grandeur of the skyscrapers. You go in under the Verrazano-Narrows Bridge and then there's Ellis Island, but most spectacular of all is the Statue of Liberty.

My most memorable travel experience was ...
Diving to see the wreck of the Titanic. A friend sponsored a dive for me as a present and it was very interesting. I work for the Cunard Line, which owned the ship that went to the rescue, so I felt strong links. Those of us who go to sea benefited from that disaster - safety regulations were improved, there was a rule to have more lifeboats and the International Ice Patrol was introduced. I was horrified to discover that my wife had taken out a substantial insurance before I did the dive though!

My top tip for ocean travel is ...
Go on a long voyage and book a cabin with a balcony. Part of the joy of ocean travel is watching the sea, and the sunrise and sunset.

My ideal travel companion is ...
My wife, Kim. She is with me 99 per cent of the time on my voyages. I'm away for between two-four months at a time. As Kim comes with me, I don't miss anything while I'm away.

My idea of paradise is ...
A flat, calm sea, with a following breeze.

My first trip to sea was ...
Aged seven on a ferry between Liverpool and the Isle of Man. It was very rough and I was seasick. My first job was at 17 as an indentured apprentice on a cargo ship from London to New Zealand.

I've always wanted ot visit ...
The Amazon. Before I joined the Cunard Line in 1970, I used to choose the country I wished to visit, then find a ship that went there. In 1969, I saw the QE2 in Kingston, Jamaica. I decided there and then to join Cunard Line and have been with them ever since, so I've never been to the Amazon.

My most memorable moment on board ship was ...
When I performed the marriage ceremony of my daughter on board the QE2 in 2001. I'd always wanted to walk her down the aisle, but in the end I was at the top of the aisle waiting for her!

One of the pleasures of cruises is ...
The captain's table. We host dinner two or three times a week for passengers selected by me. Some of our passengers have sailed with us for years - I've known some for 20-25 years. Everybody's interesting; irrespective of what cabin they're in, everybody has a tale to tell.

My last voyage will be ...
Crossing the north Atlantic from New York to Southampton next month. I've been with Cunard Line for 36 years and will retire at the end of July. It's bound to be an emotional trip.


Carl Wilkinson

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