Me and My Travels: Anthony Worrall Thompson, chef

Anthony Worrall Thompson, chef

My idea of paradise is...
Mauritius. I like the spas and the cottages stuck out at sea. And the food, through the French influence, is pretty good too.

The luxury I can't live without is...
a kitchen. I tend to stay in villas rather than hotels because I like going to markets and doing the cooking.

My top travel tip is...
eat two cloves of garlic before flying. It thins the blood and gets rid of the risk of deep vein thrombosis... and the passenger in the next seat.

I'll never go back to...
the Cayman Islands. They are very flat and very boring, and if you have bad weather there's nothing to do.

I never travel without...
teabags. I take Yorkshire tea from Betty's or Barry's tea from Ireland.

My most memorable meal was...
on a beach in Jamaica just past Trenchtown. The fishermen had incredible fresh fish, which we grilled and ate sitting by a tin shack with a couple of cans of Red Stripe. Gordon Ramsay eat your heart out.

When I'm travelling I always miss...
good organic food. Many of the countries I go to are very slow on organic food.

Good service is...
discretion and efficiency - the Mandarin Oriental in Bangkok is fantastic.

My ideal travelling companion would be...
My wife. Or Jodie Foster.

I always bring back...
cook books from around the world and lots of spices from markets in Morocco.

The most romantic place I've ever been to was...
Strawberry Hill and Goldeneye villas in Jamaica.

I've always wanted to...
cross the Arctic.

· Anthony will be appearing at the BBC Good Food Show, NEC, 23-27 November, and the Festive BBC Good Food Show, 2-4 December, Earls Court


Interview by Carl Wilkinson

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