Rising star: Claire Louise Staunton, curator

Claire Louise Staunton, curator

· 'I am obsessed with museums,' admits Canadian-born Staunton. So much so that she's set up a curatorial agency, Inheritance Projects, and commissions site-specific shows of sonic, visual and performance art.

· 'The shows act as a filter through which you see museum collections differently and create new sensory contexts which explore our culture and heritage,' she says.

· At 25, Staunton worries she's getting old, despite being the youngest fellow on the Cultural Leadership Scheme, a mentoring scheme for creative entrepreneurs run out of the ICA.

· 'My passion drives me to do more,' she says. 'My job is to seek out incredible artists. There are so many I want to work with: sound artist Jessica Rylan, Throbbing Gristle. I could go on...'

· Staunton wants to find new spaces to work in. 'I've moved around the world so much I don't see geographical barriers. Museums I'd like to work with include a taxidermy museum, the Museum of Jurassic Technology in LA, and the Museum of Ethnography in Sweden...'

· 'An extremely focused woman in a hurry' is how her mentor, arts producer Gavin Alexander, describes her. 'She wants to be the curator to bring new people to new spaces.'

· Staunton's Operations of Sound runs until 15 December at The Old Operating Theatre Museum, London (020 7188 2679)

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